Focus Mini-Lab: Taking A.I.M.


A self-paced course that you do not have to do by yourself!

In about 30 minutes you will have the formula to TAKE A.I.M. on your next 30-Day goal.

You can consume the videos all at once then dive into the workbook or go module by module as Deana guides you through the process.


Deana walks you step by step through this Focus Mini-Lab via short video modules as you participate with your printable workbook.

They’re called Focus Mini-Labs because you’re busy and you need formulas and systems that get you results quickly!

Focus Mini-Lab: Taking A.I.M. includes:

  • printable workbook
  • short introduction video with what to expect
  • a ten-minute or less video for each section of the workbook
  • on-demand access (go back as many times or whenever you need to)

Consume the short videos all at once, or work a section at a time at your own pace, it’s totally up to you!

Think of this as self-paced without ever feeling like you’re by yourself.

All of the content is less than 30 minutes!

If you struggle even remotely with “time management”, overthinking what to work on and when, wondering you’re not making the progress you thought you should “by now”…this is for YOU!



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