MESS Mentorship Series: The 5 W’s of Your Business


The 5 W’s of Your Business is a self-guided course broken into short video modules with on-demand access and replays whenever you want!

Module 1 – Who’s your Who?
Module 2 – What do they need?
Module 3 – Where are they looking?
Module 4 – When are they likely to take action?
Module 5 – Why are YOU their best option?


The 5 W’s of Your Business is part of the MESS Mentorship Series.

In the mix & mess of everyday life, I get how hard it can be to stay focused on your mission while simultaneously growing your business.

Distractions, disappointments, and doubts can muddy the waters between mission & business before you can even get your boots on!

But it doesn’t have to be a choice of mission or business, .

Your business is an extension of your mission. And with that mindset and motive, you can really create an impact while you’re making an income.

This is perfect for you

  • IF…you’re not sure WHO your God-assigned peeps even are
  • IF…you’re wishy-washy on WHAT to even say to them if you did
  • IF…you’re not sure WHERE they’re hanging out
  • IF…you wouldn’t even know WHEN to offer them help
  • IF…you’ve yet to uncover WHY you are the right fit for your right WHO

Well, my beautiful friend, IF ☝ tha’ts you, then this specially, curated training is for YOU!


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