Personalized Focus Mini-Lab


It’s time for a Personalized Focus Mini-Lab if you’re tired of the expensive do-it-by-yourself digital courses.

Let’s face it, time is money, and money buys you freedom! Get the face-to-face interaction, guidance, tools & support you deserve specific for your goal getting! 

As a woman in business you need to prioritize both your time & your money. Use it wisely, and not because of FOMO. 


Personalized Focus Mini-Labs are for you if you need QUICK WINS in order to:

  • ditch the overwhelm and take action
  • gain confidence in what you’re doing
  • stop starting over (and over, and over…)
  • spend your time wisely
  • focus on what matters and know why

What’s included:

  • ONE LIVE 90 minute private 1:1 training session  
  • A personalized recap and next steps emailed to you
  • printable(s) to support retention of the training
  • Q&A to help personalize & implement the FOCUS Mini-Lab to you & your needs


  • One 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner 
  • Surprise Happy Mail!
  • Special pricing on events & courses

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