Devoted Focus: Productivity with Purpose

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The sentiment, productivity with purpose sounds a bit redundant. I mean, if you’ve devoted focus to being productive, you’d already know the purpose behind it, right?

Productivity and purpose. These are probably among our greatest quests as goal-getters. Yet, they’re also among the most elusive of accomplishments.

Sure, we gain a win here and there, independently. But simultaneously or consistently? Now, that’s an achievement!

The reason is likely wrapped up in, well, the reason. As in, intention, motive, aim, objective…get the idea?

Speaking of wrap…

I know you’re in the middle of untangling lights, fighting with wrapping paper, and evening out the cookie trays.

But with a New Year just around the corner…this is a conversation for sooner than later so that you’ll be better prepared. 

You know, to handle all those big plans that are going to automagically happen and fall into place. Just as soon as you get around to picking up all the celebratory pieces from last year.

The desire to be purposely productive.

I want to be as purposefully productive as the next VAL (Valued, Amazing Lady), but if I’m “borrowing” her intentions, motives, or objectives for a goal over my own, uh-oh.

Someone else’s productivity hack, or to-do list trick may sound great and may even be helpful in the short-term.

But what happens when you lose focus or steam or the project or goal changes? As I see it, you have two choices:

  1. Spend time searching for your next hack or trick or 
  2. take that time to experiment, and execute what works based on your own experience
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There’s always a better way according to someone, but you have to be the authority of your criteria for better.

Mastering the art of efficient goal-getting takes a defined purpose.

Purpose, purpose, purpose – picture Jan in your head complaining, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” is how we tend to approach purpose. In a bit of a love/envy relationship. 

Caught somewhere in the middle between loving the inspiration and envying those who clearly seem to be living their purpose. 

Where are you on the whole defined purpose spectrum?

  • You either have it or you don’t or
  • Empathizing with those in your company also on a seemingly endless search.

Why the confusion? Probably because of all the things we’re told and sold about it. One is, your purpose is your vocation. In reality, your purpose is part of everything you do. You ARE purpose!

Enough about that, but you can hear what I have to say about purpose on the Prioritized Focus Podcast. It’s episode #1 wherever you listen.

Here are three things to keep in mind when defining the purpose behind your desired productivity:

  1. Define what productive is and looks like for you. This one can be tricky. Especially if you’re not solid on who you are (identity), where it is you want to go (authority), and what works or doesn’t (productivity), for you. Don’t get sucked into someone else’s definition of successful productivity.
  2. What’s the priority? Define the reason behind this current need to be productive. In Chapter 6 of Beautiful MESSterpiece, we dive deep into choosing your priorities and the 3 Keys to Your Prioritized Focus.
  3. Craft your inspirational story. In other words, begin with the end in mind. What’s the end goal? Now create a visual, aka, vision for that goal. If you can’t even picture what it will be like to finish, how can you be motivated to get started?
part of a keyboard, coffee cup, Deana's book You're A Beautiful MESSterpiece and the top portion of the printable 3 Keys to Prioritized Focus

Become relentlessly devoted to discovering the gaps in your typical processes.

What does that mean? It means, knowing your patterns, hiding places, procrastination tactics, and excuses.

Know your patterns. Do you pay attention to what has your time and attention regularly? How do you know? 

For me, I like journaling my thoughts, ideas, worries, big dreams, and random brain dumps. But then take it a step further. I go back regularly with a highlighter or different color pen and note:

photo of book Beautiful MESSterpiece, VAL Journal, and New 30-Day Planner
  • Answers to prayers
  • Projects completed
  • Ideas to revisit
  • New ideas based on new experience

I encourage you to track yourself! Whether it’s your time, projects, ideas, or prayers! And of course, you know I have favorite places for these, right? The 30-Day Planner and the VAL Journal!

What about your hiding places, procrastination tactics, and excuses? Well, getting honest with yourself about each of those is only going to prove helpful.

Determine what you’ll do about proving the purpose of your productivity and the gaps holding you back.

This is where the rubber meets the road, VAL. (Valued, Amazing Lady, remember?) This is where the tactics you discovered get turned into a consistent practice.

Practice, ahh, that’s a neglected art, now isn’t it? 

So before you jump to wanting to be recognized for your achievements, and in this case, your productivity, remember what it’s going to take to get it!

A quick summary to be sure you were the most productive with your time here.

Well VAL, all that’s left for you to do is…DO IT! 

And just to be sure you remember what a devoted focus to your level of productivity will require of you: 

  1. Define the purpose behind your desire for productivity
  2. Discover the gaps holding you back.
  3. Determine what you’re going to do about it!
  4. Do it! Then refine, rinse, and repeat.

If you need any help or extra support you’re in the right place! Productivity with purpose, on purpose, is kinda my thing. 

Leveling up my productivity potential right there with ya,

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With my favorite hot beverage of course! (at least one cup of coffee, and several cups of tea a day!)

Need an added resource when it comes to what it is you’re devoted to and why?

I got you! Here’s 30 days worth of Focus on how to put your devotion in the right place and put it into practice. Just visit the Focus Shop and grab yours.

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