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Living in a world driven and striving for connection, the power of story can be the catalyst for growth in faith, life, and business. When the symptoms of feeling stuck start showing, our stories are often the soothing balm our souls need in order to push us to take the only prescription that works…growth!

Growth is the increase we desire, and the solution to the symptom of stuck, but it’s often our most procrastinated action and greatest tester of our patience!

Stories have the power to propel, sustain, or even restrain us. Shaping our lives, decisions, and hopes often stem from the power of story.

What’s your story?

Ever give much thought to your story? We all have one, but the power lies in if we tell it, and how. There are the stories you tell yourself, others, and even those you attach to or release based on others’ opinions about yours.

Your story for each area and aspect of your life has a beginning, middle, and end. Some we share freely, some only in safety and with trust, and others, well, those we are happy to leave in the dust!


Nodding in agreement because you can you think of a part of your story within each of those examples? Fight or flight are the go-to instincts we have when it comes to our stories.

Prove or disprove, project or reject seem to be the comfort zones when the power of story comes to mind.

Inspiration usually begins because of the power of story.

Popular, greatest, most told stories are typically the ones that are the most familiar or have had the most impact.

As a matter of fact, if you were to Google those categories you’d get both some expected and not so common results. From movies, to classic literature, to ancient accounts passed down for generations.

What I found most interesting from my quick, little Google search was that the most told story is not necessarily the greatest story and vice versa.

Turns out the Bible is the most read book of all time, yet it’s not as widely recognized as the greatest or most told story. However, history and faith shows us what is possible through the power of stories recorded in it!

Scripture is a tool, encouragement, account, warning, and ultimately, the greatest LOVE letter ever written. The more you get to know this incredible book, the more you realize people are people and only the styles and technology have changed. God’s love, mercy, grace, and provision remains the same.

Stuck spiritually? Growing into who He created you to be is the best way out of that mucky place. Three guesses where you’ll find the best place to do just that…the most read book, the Bible.

Overcoming life’s challenges with the power of story.

Among the biggest challenge most come to face in life is finding their purpose. Well, I won’t spend a lot of time here on that because…I already wrote about purpose. Here and most recently, here!

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Purpose is certainly a big one to tackle, but it’s often the power of the day-to-day story that becomes the narrative of our life. What’s your common commentary right now? Choosing to be helpful to yourself can be just the investment worth a personal transformation. Things to consider as you go about your day

  • Am I being intentional with the words I speak to and about myself?
  • Have I been overlooking the power in the moments & experiences as they happen?
  • Are my everyday choices pollution from my past or my promised future focused?
  • Am I forcing my desired future or allowing my destined future to unfold?

Sometimes a good PAUSE can do wonders for the overwhelm. Don’t be afraid to take the time to do it!

Connecting with others matters because more often than not, there’s a moment of intersection.

Bet I don’t even have to ask you to remember a story that resonated with you recently. Odds are just a word, picture, item, or random thought can spark a story about a story!

The stories we love the most and the easiest ones to remember are the ones either about ourselves or that we can relate to.

5 Main components to a good story

  1. Characters – the more distinct, the more memorable
  2. Plot – the clearer the conflict & tension, the better
  3. Emotions – the audience needs to feel something
  4. Twists – life’s full of ’em and so are good stories
  5. Resolution – a satisfying end to the story is key

Whether you are sharing the Gospel message, a personal whine, or a business win, there’s a story in there and it has power if you get all the elements in there.

The power of story is found in your proper alignment.

crumpled paper with I AM Scared crossed out and Sacred under it for

Aligning your faith, life, and business goals may seem like they need to be separate, but that’s simply not true.

Want a successful business? Get clear on the Family Business first, and see how your heavenly Father’s designed you for what you’ve been assigned.

Not sure if your life can handle one more to-do?

Your personal core values are a tremendous help with everyday decision-making. Got yours? It’s a majority of Chapter 3 in You’re A Beautiful MESSterpiece!

Sometimes it’s tough to get past our stuck seasons, remember our reasons to continue to have hope, and good grief, the things teasin’ us away from our intended plans for growth!

That’s where the power of story comes in to save the day, and maybe our very lives. So as you go about your day today, I pray you take the time to sit with your story and see the divine connections to His story for you all along.

The people, the paths, and the positions all point to where you’ll grow into who He’s intending you to become and where He’s intending for you to go. Embrace it, own it, and most importantly, share it!

accepting His power through my story right there with ya,

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