Proven: The Most Effective Way to Get Out of a Funk!

3 ways to get out of funk

Ever find yourself in a funk? You know, the feeling of just being in a constant cycle of “not feeling it”. It’s never fun, definitely not planned, and for sure, not welcomed. Yet, so many of us find ourselves in this state at some point.

I’ve been riding that feeling more often than I’d care to admit lately. But here I am all on the interwebs declaring my struggle. πŸ™„ As one who promotes and teaches focus I thought this would not only be a good case study but a lesson as well.

Overwhelm and its favorite partner, overthinking are probably the two most annoying and frustrating issues to deal with for anyone.

When you stop to think about what you think about, what are the usual suspects of your overwhelm and overthinking? For me, it’s one of the Four Frustrating F’s – my faith, my finances, my family/friends, or the lack of some serious fuel.

Here’s a nice visual for what I’m talking about & where you can learn more

How about you, can you trace any one of your recent funk episodes to overthinking or overwhelming yourself in one of those four areas too?

3 Ways to Get the Funk Off!

There are three ways that I’ve found to be effective in “getting the funk off” when we find it stuck on us. After all, that’s kind of what it feels like doesn’t it? That it’s stuck ON you, like gum on your shoe or something.

Before we get to that, we have to look at (at least a little) why it’s stuck on you in the first place! And it has to do with that word…stuck.

Stuck is feeling, not a place or time to be served. It’s an indicator of a bigger issue. It’s a symptom.

I’ve written about this before and you can read that πŸ‘‡

Once you come to the realization that in order to achieve different results, you have to do something differently. In our case, getting out of our funk or really, getting the funk off of us!

The only way to do that effectively is to take action.

Action is the catalyst to getting results.

If you want different results, you’ve got to take different actions. So let’s get you to those 3 proven ways to get that funk off of you. And by ways, I mean actions. In order to change something, something has to be DONE.

Action #1 –> Mindset

Like, really think about what you’re thinking about. Is it helping you or hurting you? I get how cliche and almost annoying that is to hear, but seriously, you gotta take that inventory.

I’ve recently resorted to writing out mantras. πŸ™„ I know, but hear me out. It works! Even if you don’t look at them every day or have them posted in front of your face, they’re a good go-to. Some days, pulling out that “list” and reading them over a few times is just the “get back up girl” I need to keep going.

Make your list. Don’t worry about how corny it feels or what you’re overthinking brain will have you convinced others will think. They’ll never see it, they’re not in this funk, you are and you’re the badass taking control right now, not them.

If this is uncomfortable, start simple. Write ONE mantra for the day*. It can be a verse, a quote, a phrase, whatever. It just needs to be your go-to for the day.

* I like to put mine for the day in the Brain Dump section of the 30-plannerDay Prioritized Focus Success Planner.

Do this for 30 days and guess what? You’ve got an arsenal of mantras to pull from when you need them! (and the place where you recorded them if you use the planner πŸ‘)

Not even sure where to start with mindset? I got you πŸ€œπŸ€›, borrow the list of things in this verse below to “think about” πŸ˜‰

The necklace I’m wearing has this reminder. You can grab one like it over at

Action #2 –> Mouth

Once you can get your mind right, or at least on the right track it’s all about your mouth. As in what you’re saying.

If you couldn’t get past the mantras to help your mindest, this next action is going to probably be met with as much resistance. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s not effective.πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Getting out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable. In order to get different results, you’ve got to do different things. Those different things are called actions.

Back to your mouth…what’s coming out of it? πŸ“’

To others, to yourself πŸ‘ˆthat one’s super important right there!

What we say (mouth) is in direct relation to what we believe (mindset). Ahh, see how these tie together?

Now you can take your mantras (mindset resets) a step further – say them out loud (yep, with your mouth). To yourself. Look yourself in the eye and say those FOR YOU words to YOU!

When was the last time you looked yourself in the eye and said something like those☝ to yourself?

Action #3 –> MOVE

Not gonna lie, this one is probably my least favorite. Yet, it’s proven to have a significant effect on getting out of a funk.

Move, in itself is an action, so that’s already a good thing. However, when you’re deep in a funk or it’s seemingly stuck to you like Gorilla Glue, not so easy.

Day 3 of your comfy clothes seems reasonable. A shower, totally optional and unnecessary – where are you going? The snacks, the blanket, and the sleep is helping you feel better…right??

We can wallow in what’s wrong all day long (literally), or we can take action and physically change our state and move toward helping ourselves.

Get up, get dressed. Get out of the house, even if just for a few minutes.

Click the image if you want more tips & why MOVING is a good move

Bottom line, physical activity increases your brain’s feel-good chemicals called endorphins. (check out this post about finding your D.O.S.E.)


We all find ourselves in need of shaking the funk off from time to time. It’s how long you take to get rid of it that makes all the difference in your progress.

This is not a comprehensive guide by any means, but it sure is a good start!

  1. Get your MIND working for you. Write down a daily mantra.
  2. Give yourself a pep talk. The words coming out of your MOUTH should be helpful, not hurtful.
  3. Bust a MOVE! Changing your physical state can help your psychological one.

At the end of the day, it’s about prioritized focus on getting our minds right, mouthing off to ourselves in a good way, and moving away from the funk!

working day by day to keep the funk away right there with ya,

told ya I use that Brain Dump Section πŸ˜‰

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