Find your purpose or follow your passion?

Raise your hand if you get confused when it comes to the difference between finding your purpose and following your passion.

(I see you, and you, and you…)

When it comes to the pursuit of happiness so many of us have been given the advice to just...find your purpose or follow your passion. Apparently we are to believe if we do this, we will not only find happiness, but success too. (woo! hoo! I’m in!)

Hmmm, then why are so many of us still unhappy and not measuring up to our picture of success?

So many of us are unhappy, unsuccessful and still can’t find our purpose or follow our passion because we’ve defined them wrong.

You don’t find happiness, it’s a state of mind. (and a D.O.S.E.)

Success is a journey and a process that is different for everyone. Newsflash, there is no exact formula, but there is one main ingredient and it’s called work.

Here’s what I found when it comes to the differences between purpose and passion.


  • the reason for meaningful work
  • the result benefits others
  • has a focused aim
  • gives significance


  • the result of meaningful work
  • is about YOU (not necessarily selfish, but about you and what energizes you)
  • can change (one day you’re into painting, the next gardening)
  • gives satisfaction

Are we getting clearer or is there still some confusion?

Maybe you have the question…“Can my passion be my purpose?” because that is such a popular “success strategy” isn’t it?

Well, here’s how I would sum it up for you and then you decide.

Your purpose is not about your worldly goals – career, wealth, or recognition, but about having an impact. 

Your passion can be a vehicle, but it’s not a destination – it’s the color behind your dreams.

We can use our passions in order to energize and refuel us in order to do the things necessary to become the person we need to be in order to achieve our purpose.

Our passions are personal and colorful and keep us from getting bored and giving up. Our purpose sets us apart from each other, yet for the benefit of each other.

Untangling the difference between passion and purpose right there with ya,

Additional resource: One Common Purpose  

No matter your pursuit, something is always going to be in the way distracting you!
(every time, no matter what’s pulling at you) What’s pulling you away from your dream right now?

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