Quick Fix or Lasting Change?

When it comes to solving our problems, we can either look for the quick fix or put the time and effort in for lasting change.

If we’re honest, we often find ourselves teetering between the two options: quick fix/lasting change. Or if we’re really honest, looking for a magic hybrid of the two!

Hey, I’m all for a good hack as long as it doesn’t take away from the lasting legacy  you are trying to build.

Signs that you are in search of a Quick Fix 

  • the first thing that google comes up with to “solve your problem” – you’re IN!
  • you spend more time googling your solution than working on it
  • your email is FULL of free offers, downloads, courses, etc. due to your social media scrolling
  • you have a private facebook group/page just to “keep” ideas for later OR you actually post “to read later” 
    **if it takes less than 5 minutes to read – do it, if you don’t have the 5 minutes to read it…what are you doing on social media???

Signs that you are in search of a lasting change

  • the results of your google searches, email inbox info leads to an ACTUAL inquiry on your part to the “expert” 
  • you’ve taken the time to journal or track your daily routines & systems looking for the disconnect
  • you’ve identified what it will take to move you toward lasting change and have enlisted the help of a coach, mentor or accountability partner
  • the sum of the five peeps you hang with are an indication of where you are looking to go (this includes tv shows, books, movies, podcasts as well as people)

We fail to reach our potential when we fail to count the cost and pay the price to get there.

The value is in the walk more than the talk. So is today day one toward lasting change or one day? You get to decide. Don’t be a cheap copy, be the priceless original only YOU can be!

Working to prioritize my focus one day at a time right there with you,

What are you doing to make a lasting change? Let us know in the comments!


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