Quiz: Assess Your MESS!

As Christian women in business it can be easy to forget that you are truly God’s masterpiece. Because our MESS is way easier to identify!

Let’s find out the missing “piece” keeping you from remembering Who’s you really are and what you’re meant for – not later, but NOW!

close up of a woman completely overwhelmed and with sticky notes all over her face with they typical life to-dos

Take the quiz!

I have a pretty solid core of customers, clients & referrals
When it comes to your current work/life "balance" - how's that going?
When it comes to identifying methods that work, I have found that
What do you lack most in your business right now?
I believe my business is part of my God-given dream
When it comes to habits…
My go-to way to tell people about my business is . . .

No matter what the results just know that it doesn't define you. Just an opportunity to refine an area, or two, or few 😉 It's all good!

Deana's newly released book addresses ALL of the usual suspects that MESS with our dreams and our progress!

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