R & R: Rest and Reflection

R&R is most known to stand for rest and relaxation, but this week for me, it’s been more about rest and reflection.

This week I’ve been away on a family beach vacation, which I guess is somewhat funny since I live about 15 minutes from a beach, yet, here we are at a beach 700 miles south of ‘ours’. Minor details…


It has been good to go to bed when I’m tired instead of based on what I need to still finish or because I have to get up early to start or finish something. And sleeping late or getting up early is an option, not a necessity!

I’ve finished two books so far this week, Ridiculous Faith by Shelene Bryan and The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews and about a quarter of the way through Quitter by Jon Acuff.  Something about sitting by the ocean reading, seems to allow the words to really sink in, and they all were  ‘right on time’, which of course, is always how God rolls!


After some rest (and reading) it was an easy transition to reflect on what’s going right as well as time to process and problem solve things that are not going so right. Because sooner or later, we have to deal… right? Check out some tips to avoid being caught reacting to ‘later’ here.

There’s something about ‘getting away’ that gives some much needed perspective about your life, doesn’t it?
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For me, a new sense of appreciation has risen to the surface for what I have.  Most likely because I’ve been removed from the everyday, the busyness, the routine and the musts and have to’s of my ‘home base’ and my home business.

I’ve found myself moving at a slower pace, easing into decisions as opposed to them being hurried and seemingly make or break!


That’s the word I would use to describe the needed re-fuel to persevere toward my goals. Need help mapping your goals? Try this.

I know that we can’t always physically get away for a week, but we may find ourselves getting away for a weekend, an hour or even a few minutes. (I know my entrepreneur peeps and mamas can relate and if you are both… I’m praying for you sister!)

I hope you take at least some time to rest and reflect on where you’ve been, where you are going and if you are heading in the direction you want to go!

You are never too old or young and it’s never too late to take some time to rest and reflect. Your dreams are real and they are possible!

I know as I prepare to go back to ‘normal’ after a week of rest, reflection, fun and family bonding, I am even more prepared to work ‘abnormally’ in order to comfortably take the next vacation to enjoy the next time of rest and reflection.

Encouraging you to find your rest & reflection time so you can become more focused & purposed,



  1. Joei XOXO on July 8, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    Great message ! A lot to be said for “being still ” HUGS! XOXO

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