It's time to ditch the "perfect plans" and start living authentically YOU!

Welcome To The Restoration Lab

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It's Time to Restore Your Faith & Focus

What do you think would happen if you let go of the need to craft "perfect plans" and it's outcome?

You are not the roles you play, titles you carry, or the labels you wear - no matter how well you portray them.

Your life matters, your story matters, the work you were created to do matters.

It's time to restore your Faith so that you'll have the Focus to be who you were created to be.


the act of repairing or renewing something

a place providing opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study
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The Restoration Lab


A virtual safe-space where like-minded womenpreneurs come to:

  • gather tools for successful habit building

  • resources to go to when the going gets tough

  • encouragement and insights specific to the obstacle at hand

  • community of support and supporters

  • see faith & focus in action



How does this work?

Each Lab is unique and different!

  • The Labs are NOT recorded and are done live on the date and time scheduled. (Once a month) 
  • Topics are based on what womenpreneurs like you are asking about, facing or just plain struggling with.

  • Labs are about an hour total with 5 minutes to join, 20 minutes of topic, the rest for discussion & connection

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