Where’s Your Road Trip Taking You?

For a lot of us, summer means some type of road trip! The very mention of the words road trip may conjure up memories of road trips of the past. Some happy memories, others not so much.


Maybe you are part of a company that has an annual conference and you get together with others and make a road trip out of the drive to the conference. I’ve been with the same direct sales company for more than eight years (yep, like you, just one of the many hats I wear) and have had my share of these type of road trips. (the last one was very fun! Right Charlene?)

Or perhaps it’s an annual family vacation that you pack up the car, kids and about 9,000 other things you probably won’t need and hit the road. 

Maybe you are already on the road a lot and this is the time of year you decide to NOT go on a road trip!

No matter what the reason you get in the car to go, there are some commonalities despite the destination. And actually, that’s the first one, destination.

Not many of us decide to pack up and drive around aimlessly, although if you’ve managed to get around the corner, this appears to be the case for some on the road though, right?!

Having a destination is like #1 on the checklist of a good road trip, even if you aren’t exactly sure how to get there!

The next necessity would be a time frame. I’m pretty sure you have never been invited to a family reunion, a wedding or an event with an open-ended date or expect to book a hotel with, “I’m not sure exactly when I’ll get there, but can you be sure to have a room ready?”.

And one of the last things important for a road trip is having a plan to make it as enjoyable as possible! Snacks (if it’s more than 3 hours, Twizzlers better be in the car), music and even the clothes you choose to wear are usually a factor in preparing for a road trip. (especially since we can’t always choose our road tripper companions…)

That’s just a very short list of things we typically do to prepare for a road trip and we wouldn’t take one without at least these few requirements. I would hope you agree that having a destination, a time frame and making the trip enjoyable are among the top must haves for any type of road trip!

Yet, when it comes to the most important road trip there is, our LIVES, we tend to look more like that person driving around aimlessly or worse, allowing someone else to map out our destination, time frame and what to pack!

Today I really encourage you to take a closer look at where you are heading on your life’s road trip and if it’s where you thought you’d be or even want to be. Then take some time to assess why. Are you procrastinating? Did something happen that changed your course and you never recovered or readjusted?

I invite you to schedule a FREE Make A Plan (MAP) strategy session for your destination and how to use a Goal Planning Strategy (GPS) to get you there!


Navigating life’s road trip right there with ya,

What’s your most memorable road trip experience? Share in the comments!




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