The value of saying NO

Two letters, one syllable and one powerful outcome can transpire just by saying, NO.

Saying NO can be both liberating and enslaving depending on which things you choose to say, NO.

This seemingly harmless two letter word can really wield some power when used properly.

When used properly, saying NO can establish boundaries, protect priorities and keep you from going places and doing things you should not go or do.

So why is it so incredibly difficult for most of us to say NO?!

Most likely because we have a perception problem.

We become more concerned with how saying NO will be perceived by others more than how it will affect our time, energy and even well-being. Which by the way are three of the most important commodities we have and may I remind you, are of limited supply!

In case you are wondering if you are a suffering from a perception problem, ask yourself, “why am I saying YES to this request?”.

If the answer lies somewhere in the realm of…“I don’t want to disappoint”, “I said no the last time I was asked”, “I don’t want them to think/feel____” …then you have a problem with what others will think. AND if you’re not careful can turn into a full blown case of people pleasing!

The next time you are worried about causing a “negative reaction” to your saying NO, think about this:

  • each one is responsible for their own actions (including re-actions) – maybe lack of planning is a their problem…not yours
  • when you repeatedly say no, you must have a good reason and the other person is either looking to wear you down or not respecting your boundaries
  • each one is responsible for their own thoughts and feelings – if we could control others thoughts and feelings don’t you think we’d all be fit, wealthy and happy?

Saying NO is not always easy, but sometimes it becomes absolutely necessary in order to establish our boundaries and protect our priorities!

Looking to properly say NO for the right reasons right there with ya,

Because saying NO is more about Prioritized Focus than perception of people pleasing, I’ve created some resources to help find and KEEP that Prioritized Focus! Check them out here

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