Self-Care: Nurturing You in Real Ways Beyond Bubble Baths

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Self-care is needed, wanted, and oh, so craved! But what happens when the scented candles, the bubble bath, or the good book as a momentary escape isn’t delivering?

The often promised rejuvenation from this type of self-care just isn’t cutting it anymore. And that’s just it–more. As in you are more than a scent, soak, or a cozy spot swaddled with pages to skim and tasty beverage.

Redefining self-care beyond the stereotypical bubble baths and beyond can be quite a difficult hurdle for goal-getting leaders like us.

I mean, GO is practically our middle name! Sitting still for too long can cause anything but relaxation! Anyone else have a mind that if left still for too long will begin to drift into guilt of all the things (and projects) that aren’t getting done?

In this blog post, we’re not just talking about self-care; we’re talking about Prioritized Self-Nurturing. That’s the difference and will make all the difference in your faith, life, and the work you’ve been assigned.

Isn’t it time we nurture ourselves in a way that aligns with our God-sized callings, our dreams, and our relentless pursuit of excellence?

Untangling the mess of the self-care stereotypes

What’s your go-to for a needed, feel better boost? Odds are you can think of a lot of things.

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Things like an indulgent snack and a binge record to beat, some personalized pampering, a good meal, movement, stillness, a location change…

And of course you can’t forget, the scented candles, bubble baths, or curling up with a good book.

Which are all great options, by the way. But may work in the short-term, as a good pick-me-up, but then what?

The attempts at making short-term fixes a long-term, long-lasting solutions usually don’t pan out too well.

We are consistently bombarded with various versions of social-worthy self-care rituals, looks, and even products that promise to revolutionize our life. But when it comes to trying to sustain these versions or types of self-care, we’re often left feeling…

  • like you must be doing it wrong because “it’s” not working
  • jaded because clearly this “influencer” hasn’t had it as tough as you (or old enough to know what tough really means)
  • where do people get this kind of time, energy, or money?!

Self-care isn’t a one-size-fits all remedy, yet that’s exactly what many of us are trying and buying into. This misconception has not only misled, but really messed up what’s truly valuable. Understanding and embracing your self-worth!

Prioritizing self-care can be challenging for mission driven movers like us, but not impossible.

We’re looking for something beyond a quick-fix or even a change for that matter. No, we’re seeking transformation. A lifestyle more than a life-stop.

Understanding when you’re craving and needing some self-care, versus when it’s really some self-nurturing that’s going to do the job is the real game-changer.

Self-nurturing is that necessary piece to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you’re being called to next. It’s what helps you stay engaged, equipped, and enthusiastic about staying the course. Your course.

Think of self-care as that go-to for the much needed pause, ponder, or pick-me-up.

Self-nurturing, on the other hand, is the ongoing, intentional journey. One that replenishes your soul and aligns every action with your core values, fostering resilience.

To that end, let’s look at some ways you can go from changing your mood via self-care, to changing your mode through self-nurturing.

Moving beyond a self-care mood to a more self-nurture mode takes intention & practice.

How’d I do in helping you understand the important difference between self-care & self-nurturing?

Listen, moving past old habits, mindsets, and expectations and making the shift to perspectives and practices that actually help…is not easy. But here we are–doing it! Together. That’s right, I’m right here with you practicing too.

Building transformative lives beyond bubble bath breaks to becoming Prioritized Self-Nurturers takes divine guidance and personal determination.

At the end of the day, we’re all just Beautiful MESSterpieces who are investing in the ongoing, transformation of becoming the person to handle our God-sized dreams and callings.

nurturing the Prioritized Focus it takes to put all the MESSy pieces together right there with ya,

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