Your dream is NOT dead!

It just needs some Prioritized Focus!


Do you desire to have a business that's profitable, but without losing your unique voice or faith driven impact?

With the Prioritized Focus signature system you will be able to:

Identify your Core values  |  Clarify decisions based on your Priorities  |  Solidify your boundaries without feeling Restricted

Does this sound familiar?

  • You spend more time creating a to-do list than actually getting things done!
  • You're unable to identify today’s top 3 priorities, but you're sure that they probably would not get done.
  • As a matter of fact, the last thing you remember accomplishing was surviving the previous day!
  • You know there’s more to life, but you can’t seem to get off the hamster wheel long enough to figure it out.
  • You used to have a dream of building a business that fit into your life…
  • it feels almost embarrassing to think of that dream compared to the reality of your actual day to day life & business

Your dream is not dead - it just needs some CPR by way of direction from your Core values, Priorities that match your real life and boundaries that Release you from the guilt that's holding you back!

With some CPR you could revive your
passion for your faith, life
and business

That's exactly what I love helping my clients pull it all together through this signature system I call...

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Prioritized Focus Was Specifically Designed To Help You:

  • Module 1: Define

    Learn how to identify your core values so you can unlock the clarity you need to make decisions with purpose for a purpose. Where could you be when you are able to clearly Define your destination, goals & boundaries?

  • Module 2: Discover

    Learn to overcome the 4 common frustrations that make us worry, feel anxious, and prevent us from stepping into our potential. Only then can you Discover the real gap between where you are and where you want to be.

  • Module 3: Determine

    Learn how to leverage specific self-management strategies that will help you to ditch your excuses and follow through on not only what you say is a priority, but know that it actually is a priority. Determine the specific pace & grace needed to help YOU consistently make progress.

  • Module 4: Do It!

    Learn how to create your own personalized come-back plan after the setbacks that will come your way. Let’s get you to confidently live your Defined mission with purpose, through the Discovered goals for your faith, life, and business that you have Determined to achieve!  All that's left is to Do It! so that you prove that you can not only keep promises to YOURSELF, even in the midst of setbacks, but keep doing it! 

Choose Your Level of Support

Space is limited in both the Group & Personalized options so...

Save your spot NOW!

Fearless Focus

Fearless Focus Group Coaching Bootcamp

$197 $97 Next 4-Week Group begins 8/15! (enrollment ends 8/12)
  • Modules are done LIVE weekly & recorded
  • Printable worksheets
  • Private Facebook group with weekly LIVE Q&A, resources & more
  • Plus: Membership includes a one time 30-minute strategy session
  • BONUS: Surprise happy mail once you complete the course!
  • Weekly email support, recap & resources

Fearless Focus Personalized Coaching

$297 $197 monthly special pricing ENDS 8/10/20
  • Instant Access to current group of Fearless Focus Group Bootcamp (if in session/desired)
  • All of the features of Fearless Focus Group Bootcamp
  • PLUS: weekly private 30 minute focused coaching calls (up to 4)
  • PLUS: email follow-up & support recaping each coaching call
  • PLUS: Three 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planners for your next 90 days
  • BONUS: VIP access at the next LIVE event hosted by Deana Farrell

The Challenges Women In Business Face Are Real & Many

lack mentorship or trusted advisor
challenged by lack of cash flow
work from home

It's time to stop hiding your dream.

Stop shaming & blaming yourself over all the things that you think are holding you back.

It's time for you to step into the Valued Amazing Lady that you are and were created to be!

You have planted, watered and waited, but now this is your season to bloom.

VAL, you did not come this far to only come this far.

You have what it takes to grow your faith, life & business to the level it was intended.

I'm just here to give you the permission, proof and push you need to make that your new reality!

So now it's up to you - wait until...or do something now?

Experience the Difference

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"As new business owners, we were struggling with time management and most of our schedule was haphazard just figuring out things as we went along. Deana was able to help us to find the balance between work and home. She encouraged us to dedicate specific time to our business in order to map out our plan to succeed. We were able to focus and keep making progress rather than put out fires and hope for the best! She is definitely a major reason why our little photography company has grown immensely over the last year! And now we're even more excited for what's to come."

Jamison & Kristy

Maverick Photo Studio

“For many years, I have wanted to start my own business, but had no idea where to begin. Prioritized Focus really helped by showing me how to examine myself and be honest about my strengths and weaknesses. I was able to discern what were “wishes” and what were achievable goals. Prioritized Focus has a calm and logical method of helping people to excel. This no-nonsense approach has given me the confidence to move forward. The main benefits came from completing assignments and interacting with Deana. Not only was the program both fun and challenging, but Deana’s feedback was invaluable. In these uncertain times, I have launched my business and the future looks very bright!"

Quilt Concierge


“This series is very inspiring... I am learning so much about how to find balance in my work and personal goals. Deana is smart, confident, personable and she makes this seminar exciting and fun!"


Law Office of Julie Davis Lisa

“This is for the work from home momma like me
or those in the corporate world and everyone in between!"



Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2010 I've been coaching women to pursue their dream through the vehicle of their business as a leader in direct sales, but when I became more excited when members left my team to open their own businesses, that's when I knew it was time for me to do the same. I finally left the direct sales world in early 2018, but I've been Deana Farrell LLC since 2016. (so I also know what it's like to work on your dream while still working your paid gig)

If by expert, you mean what NOT to do on your way to your dream…

But in all seriousness, being a student of constant improvement and learning from experts in the spaces that I myself need the most help. By implementing what works in my own real life after tweaking, trial & error, I'm quick to share & teach those methods with others. My hope is that they will then tweak, try and make their own effective methods! So far so good 😉

No offense to any coach out there doing their thing, but for me - it’s not about making a quick buck. I don't know about you, but if I see another coach LEAD with an ad of how they can help you make 6 figures doing XYZ - I think my eyeballs will get stuck from rolling so much!

Money in business is necessary, but should never be the reason that motivates you. Whether you need a couple hundred bucks or thousands - that’s not my business. It's for you to know what that money can do for your situation, your family, those you want to help & serve.

Helping you take that “crazy dream” and turn it into something you achieve and are proud of,  IS the foundation of my business!

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