Setbacks Are Really Setups For Your Next Big Opportunity

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Turning setbacks into opportunity isn’t the typical first thought while in the midst of one. Nah, most of us equate a setback to a roadblock instead of just a detour. I guess because anything that hinders our desire for direct access to our vision of success, is well…”blocking the road.”

Moving forward with determination and resilience to get past the setback is going to take some mindset shifting.

I get it, mindset shifts can be much easier said than done. Probably because it’s pretty hard to have a perspective shift in the middle of a setback.

Untangling the mess of a mishap, unlearning the misinformation you’ve been fed, and unleashing a more positive outlook in the middle of a negative situation–not easy!

Listen, no one understands MESSY more than this girl!

MESSY faith, life & business. I wrote the book. . . literally.

Navigating the business world as a Christian woman requires more than just practical skills and knowledge. It calls for a deep-rooted faith and a strong foundation in Christ.

Stronger foundations of faith will save you from toppling over when things get tough. Oh, and sister, things will get tough! (if they’re not already)

You can only stand steady when you know the promises you’re standing on.


In this post I hope to give you some tips to make it a little bit easier to make those necessary mindset shifts. We’ll look at the hangups that keep us from the importance of paying attention to the opportunities your setbacks may just be setting you up for. Then some tips to get past those setbacks with grace for your pace!

Problematic thoughts around setbacks that can literally hold you back from opportunity!

Not sure that’s true? Well, I’ll just lay out the top 3 and some potential consequences if you don’t address those limiting mindsets.

Problematic thought #1: Looking at setbacks as complete failures

If you are unable to make the minset shift that setbacks are not failures, you run the risk of having more setbacks! Why? Well, ever hear of the term analysis paralysis? That’s exactly what you’ll be suffering from when you allow your mind to convice you a setback is a failure.

Allowing fear to prevent you from taking steps forward will definitely set you back. Make the choice to see and seek the opportunity within a setback.

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Problematic thought #2: Stinking thinking and using a setback as your trigger.

Powerfully reframing a situation can be a game changer to your progress. Don’t allow yourself to turn your trauma into unnecessary drama.

Hanging on to past setbacks can create a breeding ground in your mind for negative self-talk. What you think you become, and I’m pretty sure negative thinking is not a pillar for optimal productivity or progress.

silhouette of woman in armor and caption for blog Detox doubt and slay self-sabotage

Expecting to hang on to your whines more than you focus on your wins (no matter how small) is going to keep you from recognizing opportunity for growth. And when you miss an opportunity to recognize growth, guess what happens? You get stuck!

Sometimes you’ve got to get aggressive with those self-sabotaging thoughts and let them know who’s boss!

Problemlatic thought #3: Fear of the unknown.

Nothing hinders progress for valued, amazing ladies in business like us more than perfectionism. Getting too caught up in the details can prevent you from learning, growing, or reaching the goals that you say are so important!

Perfectionism is a distraction, a justification for procrastination, an excuse for never getting anything done.

And if distraction, procrastination and excuses aren’t enough, here’s some things you can “enjoy” as a perfectionist:

  • You rarely celebrate a job completed because you never get started!! (not the right time, place…)
  • You ruin your creativity and curiosity because you are constantly going back and refining.
  • Blinded by opportunities right in front of you because you are only looking for the “perfect” one.

Oh, and you’re not all that fun to be around! So is there a cure for perfectionism?

Sure! Stop making excuses and just make PROGRESS!!

Recognizing these most common problematic thought patterns when it comes to setbacks is a fantastic first step. Awareness is always a great first step.

Taking action based on what you’re now aware of will prove to be both key and pivotal. Depending on what you choose to do with that awareness. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can make the best of that awareness.

Setbacks are often God’s way of redirecting you toward becoming who you truly are meant to be.

Happily going about your business in what you think is the right direction when, whammo! you’re face to face with a setback. Or is it?

Rerouting, recalibrating. . . can you just hear that navigation voice? How you react to those “new” directions can hugely effect where you end up.

ladies holding hands in a circle with caption God's prepping you for what He's prepared for you

Seeing recalibrated routes as divine redirects aren’t always fun, nor are they typically anything close to what you would have planned. But that’s exactly why it’s a divine redirect.

I’ve done enough life with God to recognize setbacks can often be the exact catalyst He uses for a divinely orchestrated comeback. And the reason it’s a comeback in the first place is because we gravitate to equating a setback as a roadblock!

Only you can put in the faith and history to trust that setbacks are an opportunity. One where you trust that God’s preparing you for immeasurably more than you could ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.

Every setback is a valuable learning opportunity, are you paying attention?

Learning is often an inevitable result of setbacks, but whether or not it’s a valuable lesson is a matter of perspective. There’s that mindset shift again. Determining if it’s a crash course in what doesn’t work, or recognizing what’s possible is on you.

Setbacks are chances to gain wisdom, adjust your strategies, and become more skilled in your pursuits.


Your experiences, both good and bad are contributing factors in your your growth as a businesswoman and person of faith. How’s it going making the best of those experiences, sis?

Setbacks are opportunities to test your resilience and determination.

Think of it as weightlifting for your character. When you face and overcome challenges, you become mentally and emotionally stronger.

I like to look at it as God’s way of trusting me for the next level of success he’s prepared ahead for me. Your ability to persevere through setbacks equips you to handle bigger opportunities with grace and strength. If you let them.

Opportunities to overcome setbacks are not hard to find. So next time you find yourself starting down a road block, remind yourself, YOU WERE MADE TO CONQUER 💪⚔🛡

turning my setbacks into opportunities for comebacks right there with ya,

name signature Deana

I’ve got more to say about overcoming the setback mentality–just give Chapter 13 of my book a read!

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