Sharpening your EDGE

What’s the thing that separates you from status quo – your EDGE?

Many of us spend more time distressed, repressed and obsessed with…our weaknesses.

The things that we feel need improvement in order to get better, look better and just well, BE better.

And here’s the kicker, “better” at what?

Most likely, it’s those “better” things that distract us from the things that will really MOVE us toward our most desired goals!

What if “working on our weakness”, as we are so often told to do, was not the secret ingredient to achieving our desired success?

If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened,
more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.
Ecclessiastes 10:10

Swing harder or sharpen the ax?

We all know the correct answer, yet a lot of us exhaust ourselves by choosing to “swing harder”. We put our heads down and “get to work”. 

The ax is our tool we use to show our strength.
Knowing what that strength is and applying our knowledge toward that end IS our EDGE.

We rely too much on just our knowledge of our strengths – what it is that we already know, instead of seeking how to expand and improve on what we already know, by sharpening our skills.

Skill is our ability to use what we know and apply it – our EDGE.

Ah, application!
This is where the majority of us fall short don’t we?
(c’mon, I can’t be the only one who struggles with application!)

My husband is a skilled carpenter. It’s something that he enjoys, comes easily and his craftsmanship truly shines. It’s his EDGE.  Now while I know about carpentry, understand it, can explain it and envision a final result.  I do not, however, have the skills to apply that knowledge to the point of actual desired results. 

Sure, I can learn to improve my carpentry skills through practice, experience and more practice, but my goal is not to be a carpenter. My goal is to be an inspiring coach/speaker/writer with an impact! So why would I spend my time sharpening an EDGE that is not part of my strength or even ultimate goal? As a fun hobby I could improve? Sure! 

In order to achieve my goal of becoming an inspiring coach/speaker/writer with an impact,  I need to focus on the strengths I already have, enjoy (there’s a key) and improve through practiced skills. I can sharpen my EDGE through coaching, speaking and writing. So I choose to spend time sharpening my coaching, speaking and writing skills and leave the carpentry to my husband!


When time and energy is spent on keeping your EDGE sharp, working smarter rather than harder becomes not only the “norm”, but FUN!

Who doesn’t need more of that in their life?

Can you think of an area that you are spending too much time and energy improving a skill that is really hindering you from sharpening your true EDGE? 

Working to sharpen my EDGE right there with ya,

Sometimes we are just so distracted by all of the options we have we opt to not do anything! Does that sound about right?

Maybe this MANIFESTO will help you find your Focus again


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