UGH! That Shiny Object Syndrome!

Do you suffer from S.O.S?

That’s short for Shiny Object Syndrome!

We’ve all experienced a bit of this S.O.S aka shiny object syndrome at some point in our lives…ahem, if we are really being honest – DAILY!

From the moment we turn on a device whether it’s the TV, our phone, our computer or even the radio –we are hit with things to consider trying or buying.

Which one do you choose to listen to, follow or buy?! Every choice can be the right one…or the wrong one! Are you with me?

If something promises to take you from broke, busted and disgusted in what seems like an unreasonably short amount of time, you may want to pause…

…before you find yourself feeling inspired to see how far you can push your bank account – you know, the “but hurry, this unbelievable, irresistible offer expires soon!” types of distractions.

Here are a 4 things to consider before you find yourself suffering from S.O.S:

  • Is it even one of your top 2 priorities in your life right now? You do have a list of priorities for this season in your life right now, right?
  • Is it a distraction in disguise? This simply means, it’s sort of where you want to go, so you’ll put this one in the “file” for good to know later when you need it.
  • Is the offer or the person you are willing to “follow” value what you value? i.e. you value people, this values money more…so what are you doing?
  • Is it something you can apply to your life right now? Or do you need to have xyz in place first, x amount of money set aside, a lot of time to dedicate…

I value your time, your efforts and most importantly your potential!!

I believe that together each achieves more and I want to help you prioritize your focus so that you don’t suffer from S.O.S any longer!

Prioritizing my focus to avoid S.O.S right there with ya!

Need help defeating that S.O.S? Don’t get distracted, click this NOW!



  1. Charlene Greene Lakata on April 21, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Great read Deana:)

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