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Tuesday, January 23rd

Tuesday, February 20th

Tuesday, March 19th

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7 PM Eastern

We all have busy lives, so why not create one you enjoy instead of just tolerate?!

Join me for this live workshop where I'll personally walk you through the STRATEGIES you need in order to make sure your plans actually work!

Once you get your plans working for you and specific strategies that fit you, they become part of your good habits. Then month after month you'll not only be better at identifying your top priorities, but also protecting them!

Here's what you can expect to learn:

The exact steps to stop calendar chaos!
3 Keys to identify your priorities (e'ry time!)
How to ditch the guilt & create a method that works!
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Deana Farrell

An innovative thought leader, author, small business strategist, and your coach pushing you to prioritize that God-given dream you've been entrusted to pursue & share. (ahem, that biz of yours!)

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Tuesday, January 23rd

Tuesday, February 20th

Tuesday, March 19th

Assess your MESS quiz for messterpiece focus

Have you identified that "missing piece" in your business, you know, the one that eludes you, but drives you bananas?

Stop guessing and find out! Sometimes ASSESSING YOUR MESS is a first step to a solution. Go ahead and see which direction you actually need to be heading. (the workshop will go better with this in mind - just sayin')

Speaking of MESS & pieces...

I wrote a book!! Releasing July 18, 2023 and I cannot wait to get it into the hands of Valued Amazing Ladies in business like you! Learn more HERE, but first make sure you registered for those workshops 😉

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