How to Sidestep the UFO’s Distracting Today’s Woman in Business

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As a woman in business, odds are you’re biggest day to day challenge is effectively being able to sidestep the most common UFO‘s.

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And by UFO’s, I’m talking about combatting feeling Unmotivated, Frustrated, and Overwhelmed. In this post we’ll explore the typical root causes of these challenges and ways to combat and prevent them.

You know the success of your business depends on you being at your best. Yet when it comes to understanding how to stay charged or at least recharged, you’re still hatching and patching your “best plan” for success. (read more about hatching & patching plans HERE)

For crying out loud, I’ll bet that your phone gets charged more than YOU do. And worse, you probably prioritize it more too.😬

Identifying what’s at the root of your UFO‘s is pivotal for knowing when you’re using your energy to work IN your business more than just ON it will be a big key to your success!

If you’re going to be equipped to sidestep the UFO’s stealing your focus, you’ll need to determine what’s getting the best of your focus versus what’s getting the rest of it.

Let’s look at some common causes that has you feeling Unmotivated, Frustrated, or Overwhelmed and look at how to sidestep these UFO‘s.


Feeling Unmotivated can be a real challenge for the woman in business to overcome. Most women in business have so many other responsibilities that demand their attention before they even get to their business!

Here are some clues to help you recognize what may be causing you to feel unmotivated

  • You lack clarity when it comes to what you’re working toward. What’s “the goal” and have you reverse engineered it to the point you have a step-by-step roadmap to follow?
  • You’re carrying a mixed mindset. Believe that you can and you’re already halfway there! Girl, where’s your head at, and what is it “telling” you? Are you listening or leading?
  • You have forgotten what inspires you when it comes to your goals.

Motivation is an outward result of an inward Inspiration.
Keep yourself inspired and you’ll stay motivated.

– Deana Farrell


There are so many things that can, will and do frustrate on a daily basis, but knowing how to handle them is crucial to crushing your goals and sidestepping this particular UFO.

While we all have things that frustrate us, I have come up with some that we all have in common and dubbed them the 4 Frustrating F’s. (you can read more about them here and you’ll also find them in much more detail in Chapter 5 of my upcoming book! 👈I know, right? Join the e-newsletter for the latest updates)

  • Finances – are they every where you really want them?
  • Family/Friends (relationships) – do we really need to elaborate. . .
  • Faith – what you believe has the power to inspire and motivate you. Clear on what’s got your faith?
  • Fuel – the passion behind what you do and why it keeps you inspired in the first place. How’s that going?


As women, our reputation could have us easily interchanging Overwhelm with Overthinking. Just me? This one can definitely be a tough part of the UFO‘s to sidestep when it comes to keeping our distractions to a minimum.

One of the biggest myths we buy into is that it’s our time-management that hinders our progress. Well, I’m here to call a big ol’ foul on what we’ve been told and sold about time-management.

Time-management is a skill, not a method or process. This means, the only way to improve at this skill, you’ll need to practice. Specifically, a system or method that works for you. Imagine that!

Not sure where to even start? Grab the FREE Prioritized Focus Guide

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I have more to say about this topic, but for now, know that you can stop beating yourself up about your “lack of time management” and how “it’s” the thing holding you back 🙄

Are there more causes to overwhelm and overthinking? YES! But tackling the big one is usually a good start and you’ll find other freebies and resources on this site. Plus you can always schedule a chat with me!

You got what it takes to sidestep your UFO’s!

Hopefully we’ve taken some big strides toward making progress when it comes to avoiding some common UFO‘s distracting you from staying motivated, focused and productive!

over here conquering my UFO’s right there with ya,

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