Sooner or Later…

That title just drums up the thoughts doesn’t it?

You see, I consider myself a semi-reformed do it later kind of girl…aka procrastinator.  

I say I’m semi-reformed, because procrastination is something I really, really struggle with! Seriously, if there were meetings for this…I might go.

If you are a procrastinator or have procrastination struggles like me, you often find that you react to those “sooner or laters”, rather than the planned (and definitely better for potential bystanders), respond approach.

Whether you know it, or can feel it coming, it all happens – sooner or later…

Your mind and body will need rest.leave later behind

You’ll find yourself in need of redemption in some area of your life.

You will find yourself entering, exiting or repairing a relationship.

You will need to take the time to reflect, regroup and refocus.

So why do we do this to ourselves?!

Ignore the inevitable, delay our duty or purposely put off our purpose and allowing our “laters” get the best of us.

Are you with me so far? (I can’t be the only one!)

Most likely because we tend to let ourselves be driven by fear, doubt, lack of support, insecurity and quite honestly – exhaustion (we are a busy bunch)!

What do you say we make the choice to ditch the excuses and reward ourselves by becoming former procrastinators?

We can live in the land of “sooner”! Let’s not allow the “laters” force us  into reactions we may regret!

I challenge you to leave “later” and it’s potentially ugly reactions behind and invite you to come to the land of “sooner”. I think you are not only capable, but you’ll love it!

Here are 6 tips to help avoid being caught reacting to a “later” :

1. Lists – Become BFF’s and make them! Top 3 to-do today, this week, this month, this year.
2. Journal – Get thoughts out of your head and onto paper. (it works!!) Start with writing/describing where you are and where you want to be.
3. Resources – Find them, know them, use them. What you lack, someone is very good at or knows the right tool for you. ASK!
4. Learn – Keep your mind sharp & active. Learners are earners…of respect, influence and even income.
5. Give – Sharing is not only caring, but extremely rewarding. You have something – time, resources, talent, a product and you certainly can give your thanks.
6. Rejuvenate –  Find what it is that refreshes/resets you. Time with loved ones/friends, quiet time alone in prayer, a spa day, or walk in the park – it may be all or different at different times. Plan for what’s needed and DO IT!

I’ve found that the “sooner” side of things not only supports my pursuit to achieve my goals, but is also much less stressful, more rewarding and believe it or not – FUN!

Praying you find the time, resources, courage and inspiration to live in the land of “sooner”!

((((HUGS)))) and lots of encouragement,

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