SPRING is a good place to be – are you there?


The calendar indicates it’s spring, but the weather hasn’t seemed to open that email yet…

How about you? What season of life are you in right now? Do you feel like the “signs” you are showing are mismatched to your current season?

So often we put this demand on ourselves as to “where we should be” by now. The season we want to be in instead of prioritizing our focus on the actual season we are in (or working to get out of).

Any of these sound familiar?

  • I’m ____ years old, I thought I’d have ________ by now!
  • I’ve been working at/on this for weeks/months/years and I’m just not seeing the results I thought I would by now.
  • With all the effort that I’ve put in, you would think that ________ would notice by now!

Frustrating to not be where you want to be or think you should, isn’t it?

Again, what season of life are you in right NOW? 

Battered by a past season OR so focused on a yet to be season leaves no room to embrace, engage or find encouragement in the present season.

There’s beauty in every season, both in nature and in life (and so much to be learned in each), but there’s just something about a spring season.



The light lasts longer.

How prepared are you for a spring season in your life right now?

Got your seeds picked out for what you want to grow in your life?

What about the bugs, weeds and rodents that are ready to sabotage the beauty you have planned? Yep, you’ve got to be prepared (as much as you can) for the setbacks as well having a comeback plan for when the setbacks come. Oh, they will come.

Don’t be someone who Finds ways to Overlook the Obstacles that Lead to growth! (don’t be a FOOL!)

Instead, learn to become someone who


Prepared to take

Root for your

Intentional and



Looking to SPRING into action towards growing where I want to be right there with ya,

Is it time to Hatch, Patch or Detach this season?


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