The sticky truth about feeling stuck

The sticky truth about feeling stuck with arrowed sticky notes

No one likes the feeling of being stuck. We like winning because it is fun. Achieving a goal is awesome. Making progress is motivating.

Feeling stuck when you are trying to win, achieve or just make progress, well, that just stinks!,

We’ve all been there, rolling along on the way to our goal and BAM! all of the sudden, we find ourselves stuck. I’ve been there many times and I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed my time there. You?

How long we remain stuck is often the difference between those who are winning, achieving and making progress and those that well, are not.

Personally, I can’t stand being stuck – who does, right? Yet I can often get caught up in staying there longer than necessary. But there is something that I learned that changed the way I see stuck and it’s a real game changer!


Feeling stuck is a symptom.

Yep, that stuck feeling is an indicator of something else, something bigger.

That feeling is pointing to something that is lacking.

The “something you lack” is different for all of us, yet we all experience it’s various symptoms at different seasons in our lives.

See how this is sticky?

Need a little help wrapping your head around this concept? Here are some examples:

EX:  When you are hungry, there are symptoms to indicate that something is needed. Your stomach growls =symptom. The need = food. In order to get the growling to subside, you take action by eating something. Your stomach has now been satisfied and no longer having symptoms of hunger.

EX:  Have you met anyone who is not tired these days? We are constantly on the go! Even if our body is still, our mind sure is still moving. Our body is indicating something is lacking. Feeling tired could be a symptom of not enough sleep or even a sign there’s not enough nutrients to give your body the energy it needs to keep on keeping on. 

See where I’m going with this pattern? Symptoms are indicating something is needed, lacking or missing.

Now that you have a better understanding, let’s get to our reason for reading this post today – the sticky truth about feeling stuck.

Stuck is a symptom indicating you need growth.

Stuck is a symptom showing you that you are too comfortable in your comfort zone.

Yet, what do we do?

  •  complain that “nothing’s happening”
  • over analyze the kabillion reasons why we’re “not making progress”
  • doing the same things we’ve been doing, but expecting different/better results

I know it sounds a bit off in saying that feeling stuck is actually a symptom, but think about it – every time you stretch past your comfort zone, what happens?  YOU GROW. Depending on what the “zone” is, but the results are more often than not…growth.

There are Four main areas in our lives that either keep us stuck or help us grow and years ago I dubbed them The Frustrating 4 F’s.

Finances – the thing that propels you toward or prevents you from doing the things you want to do for yourself and even others.

Faith – the truth that we cling to when all the chips are down. Our actions are the result of our beliefs.

Fuel – the igniter to your soul. If your soul had a face, this would make it smile.

Family/Friends – the relationships we have, have to have, want to keep and those we don’t.

Where could your Frustrating 4 F’s be showing symptoms right now?

Finances – the thing that propels you toward or prevents you from doing the things you want to do.

When it comes to your finances are they enough to propel you or are they preventing you from what you are trying to achieve?

Preventing? What would you have to do in order to make progress toward having enough to propel you? Probably do something uncomfortable like have a yardsale, stop ordering take out, skip the new ______ (yes, even though it is on sale) and maybe even tell your kids…NO they can’t go, do or have right now. (keyword – right now…be sure to catch that)

Faith – the truth that we cling to when all the chips are down.

Would your faith look different if you looked for the answers on your own rather take someone else’s word for it? Proof is truth and the truth proves itself. Look for evidence in your own patterns, circumstances and even the miracles of your life. (I believe everyone has experienced miracles and more are likely)

Fuel – the igniter to your soul. If your soul had a face, this would make it smile.

How much more energy do you think you would have if you prioritized the things that fueled you?

Miss painting? Prioritize time to paint. Miss your fitness? Prioritize the time to workout.  Like who you are when you are sharing encouragement for others? Prioritize the time to write and speak more.

Family/Friends – Do we even have to point out the symptoms associated with relationships?

Maybe there are indicators you are ignoring right now.

The thing about getting unstuck is to DO SOMETHING.

Start small, one step at a time.

The reason so many of us find ourselves continually and even repeatedly stuck is because we focus too much on the BIG end goal instead of the next small step. 

Where would you be if you focused on the next small step continually and repeatedly? I bet it wouldn’t be in the place of stuck.

Don’t ignore the symptoms, instead recognize them as indicators of what it is you are really lacking.

Growing past our comfort zones is never easy, but always worth it!

Making progress toward growth right there with ya,

Sometimes it’s the distractions that keep us well, distracted!

Need more help getting unstuck?
Maybe one of these options could be just the stretch out of your comfort zone you need. 

You can catch the podcast version of this post, here, it’s episode #56

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