Success Comes In Stages


Until a few days ago I had no idea that success comes in stages and that my own business has been through three stages.

Here’s how this revelation came about…

You see, I have an intentional circle of influencers in my life that I “meet” with regularly for the purpose of perspective, growth, feedback and of course some creative brainstorming. (so thankful for technology because some of these people are states away!!)

So during a Zoom meeting with a friend and fellow coach, we were discussing our business “sentence”. This is what you say when others ask, “What do you do?” and allows you to answer in a succinct way that shares who you help, how and why.

(in case you’re curious) Here’s mine:
I help professionals prioritize focus in order to empower growth both personally and in the workplace.

He shared that he hadn’t quite got his down yet, but a definite work in progress. (my favorite word!)

He then panned his computer around so that I could see his white board with the three main words that have been on his heart and already such a big part of his life and business – Hope, Peace & Purpose.

As he explained the value of each of those words to him and how it’s incorporated into his coaching, it was like an epiphany for me.

At that moment I realized that those were the STAGES of my business!

Let me explain how his 3 words Hope, Peace & Purpose helped me SEE 3 stages of my own business:

Stage 1 
His word was hope, but for me this was the DREAM. That vision of “something” far off in the distance that I knew was meant for me.

Stage 2
CLARITY, the relief that yes, in fact it wasn’t a “crazy dream” because opportunities keep presenting themselves!! Once this stage comes there’s a sense of peace; that it will happen.

Although I had some peace & clarity, I had to learn to be patient. Every time I tried to rush things, it did not go so well. It was in those moments I realized it was because I wasn’t quite ready. I had to take that “wait time” to prepare, plan and learn.**

**This is where you feel like “nothing” is happening, but you have to trust that your preparation will pay off!! You may be IN this stage longer than you “want” or even repeat it, but trust me it’s worth it! (caution: don’t allow yourself to be paralyzed by perfection and not move at all!!)

Stage 3
WORK! This stage has been the hardest for me to recognize, not for the sake of having to do “work”, but from the confusion of “purpose“.

Success is never going to “find me” if I’m not actively pursuing it!

How many things have you and I read about “finding your purpose”? Countless right?
We all know we were meant for more, but then what?

Here’s what I’ve learned about that ever elusive purpose. We are often too busy chasing someone else’s definition of “purpose” or what a dream should look like…NO ONE’S dream should look exactly like yours.

So trust me when I tell you to pay attention to your dream because it will become clear if you are committed to pursue it and do the work it takes to get you there!

I’ve learned that these stages are also somewhat of a formula, if I get stuck.

No matter if it’s in my everyday life or in my business, I’ve learned that if not headed in the right direction or feel stuck, it may be because I’ve lost sight of my dream, I’m not taking the time to prepare and plan or I’m not committed to the work it’s going to take to get me from where I am to where it is I want to go.

How about you?
Have you discovered your “formula” for getting yourself unstuck in your pursuit of your dream?
I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below.

Pursuing, Planning & Working my Dream right there with you,


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