Success You

Success and YOU.

Does that word, success, excite you or do you hear suc as in suck the life out of you?

Maybe you of the camp that you need a formal education (college/university) in order to be defined as a success.

Or you may believe that in today’s culture, anyone can hack their way to being recognized as successful.

Whether you already see yourself as a success, pursuing it or striving for it – only you can determine what your success looks like.

What success looks like to you and to someone else can be all together different. As it should be!

We seem to have this habit of wishing and hoping for what someone else has or to ‘arrive’ at destination success as ‘quickly’ as they did.

First off, how ‘quickly’ did they get there? We are forever taking someone’s chapter and trying to turn it into their whole story!

We need to be more concerned with WHO we are going to be when journeying to our version of success before we determine WHAT we are going to do.



YOU are unique.

YOU are extraordinary.

YOU are different.

YOU are an original!


So why would you ever want your success to look like someone else’s?

Sooner or Later  you will have to get past what if and take a leap of faith and DO what you know you have to do.

If this resonates with you and encourages you – GREAT! I pray that it does.

Know that this is as much for me as for anyone. By writing it for you to see, it helps keep me accountable to walk the talk.
So by reading my posts I guess we have become a community of accountability that is challenged to grow.

Prayers for your Success YOU!

Progress beats perfection and perspiration beats planning so let’s not ever be satisfied with being, but on becoming!

Commit to the LORD whatever you do and he will establish your plans.  Proverbs 16:3 (NIV)

Are you struggling with comparison, envy, “when is it ever going to happen for ME?” and feel like quitting?

Don’t give up! Take action today!! You are supported here.

Cheering you on in your lane from mine,

Wondering where to even begin? Let’s chat!

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