hands on laptop with Deana on laptop screen pointing to goals

What’s the best approach to keep from abandoning your goals?

The best approach toward your goal is always the one that works with your reality. But you’ve got to be honest with yourself if you’re planning based on your ideal reality or your actual reality. Mixing up your realities is not a best approach to goal getting and will create confusion. Confusion leads to goal…

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Who Rules?

The word that sparks attention here is – RULES. (at least for me) Are you thinking what I’m thinking…Rules? If you’re anything like me you are simultaneously bringing to mind the rules you can’t stand, the things you wish you ruled and the people that you think… just rule!  So who gets to decide “who…

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We all need OARS, so make sure they’re good ones!

While out in our little lifeboats in the expansive oceans of life, we should really be sure to have some good OARS. You’d think that would go without saying right? Who would take their lifeboat out into the ocean without OARS?  No matter how close to shore you are, you still need them to steer…

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