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The Best Things To Wear For Success

Bet you never thought of what you’re wearing could be a factor in your potential for success did ya? But what you wear for success is important. When it comes to your business there are three things that really matter. Those things are your intentions, your influence, and your ability to leave a lasting impact.…

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It’s all in the attitude

An attitude of gratitude will increase your altitude in life. Look up from your screens, look at whose around you, look at the fact you have people and screens to look at! (if you’re reading this…you have the technology and brain power to do so) We’ve lost the ability to separate emotion from making good…

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Are you BOLD enough?

When it comes to your faith, life and business right now – are you being BOLD enough to get the results you want? Our results, good or bad, are a reflection of what we are actually doing. I know I haven’t been flexing my boldness enough lately. At least not enough to reap the results…

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