group of women staring ahead caption of 5 strategies of focus and seizing opportunity

How to Work 5 Opportunity Seizing Strategies Into Your Business

Opportunity seizing strategies are the focus here today, and we’re diving headfirst into something I know you’re hungry for—making the absolute most of opportunities that come knocking at your door. Imagine this: You, the fearless leader of your small but mighty business, confidently grasping every opportunity that comes your way. Your faith, your grit, and…

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image of a path with a light at the end and caption Your path to clarity

Courage is the Way to Clarity

What would you say if I told you it’s courage that leads to clarity, not the other way around? Yep, courage is the way to clarity. I’m willing to guess, you’ve never really given much thought to it being this way. Probably because most of us are too busy hunting down clarity so that we…

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Two Things You Need for Serious Focus

We live in an age and world of distraction on a daily basis, so what do you need in order to really find your focus? Well, while we could argue and debate over all the things you would need in order to achieve serious focus on your biggest goals, but I believe that there are…

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All Dreams Need A Good GPS: What’s Yours?

Everyone has a GPS these days. They’re built into our smartphones and our cars (unless your car is as old as mine – who knew 2012 was “ancient”?) Am I the only one that still goes online and prints mapquest directions for long trips? (that may also be due to the fact that I’m thrifty when it comes…

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