Systems or motivation question on geometric background for deana farrell's blog post

Are systems better than motivation for your business?

Ah, the short answer is neither is better for your business. The long answer when it comes to systems vs. motivation and which to choose, is both. No, I’m not talking in circles, but am going to give you a rounded look at both of these incredible tools when it comes to creating a business…

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How To Be Sure Your Next Planner Is The Right Fit!

This planner’s too big. This one is too small. That planner has the most beautiful cover, but the inside is a little less than inspiring. This one has too many questions about my life, dreams, goals, and what I had for dinner last night… 👀 Sheesh! Is it just me or is finding the right…

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Clutter Busting

It’s spring and that means most of us begin formulating our best clutter busting plans… And how’s that de-cluttering going? Maybe you haven’t started yet because it’s still less than spring-like where you live. (I feel ya, still waiting for spring to show itself here!) Or maybe you’ve more than begun and have already gone…

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