Systems or motivation question on geometric background for deana farrell's blog post

Are systems better than motivation for your business?

Ah, the short answer is neither is better for your business. The long answer when it comes to systems vs. motivation and which to choose, is both. No, I’m not talking in circles, but am going to give you a rounded look at both of these incredible tools when it comes to creating a business…

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3 Ways to Defeat Default Mode

It’s mid-January, did you already revert back to default mode?   Do I even need to ask how that new year, new you is going?  {Sigh} January, the universally recognized month for re-start, re-new, re-ignite…something. At least for most of us anyway. I choose to say it’s a “re” because for most of us, we’ll only tip-toe into the…

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The HACK with it!

Habit hacks, hacks for your life, fitness, finance…you name it – there’s a hack for that. We just love hacks! Hacks grab our attention because our hope is that they will make our lives easier or better. We think these shortcuts will save us time, energy or money, but do they? I’ll admit, there are some…

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