4 box image with bible and mug in one and upside down world in the other with hand holding it with focus on the title unbothered unashamed and unaffected

How to Be Unbotherd and Unaffected by Upside-down Circumstances

We live in a fallen, crazy, upside-down world. That’s a fact. However, allowing it to bother or affect you is on you. Sounds harsh, but you know deep down that it’s true. While the reasons may vary, I have found 3 main areas that keep us feeling bothered and affected by the upside-downness of this…

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The One Place To Find Clarity – Where To Look

We look for lots of things but often neglect to take the time to find clarity when it comes to the bigger picture of our life. To be honest, finding clarity comes down to knowing where to look for it. And that’s what this post is all about. Spoiler alert! For those who skim to…

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top skill needed

Why Perseverance Is The Skill Every Goal-Getter Needs To Master

Every goal-getter has certain skills that come naturally, and others that well, not so much. While you can name several that are important, I’d argue that there’s one that tops the list, and it’s perseverance. But it only tops the list when you are finally able to commit to the goal you’re going after. We…

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Over it!

“I’m over it!” That’s the sentiment that has been on my mind lately. Have you ever found yourself declaring, “I’m over it!” when you’ve just hit one too many obstacles? This week alone I’ve had my own “over it” moments in the way of… …back to school needs for two of the three kiddos, (oh and…

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The value of saying NO

Two letters, one syllable and one powerful outcome can transpire just by saying, NO. Saying NO can be both liberating and enslaving depending on which things you choose to say, NO. This seemingly harmless two letter word can really wield some power when used properly. When used properly, saying NO can establish boundaries, protect priorities…

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