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You Were Made to Be A Hero

Whether you’ve ever given it much thought before or not, YOU were made to be a hero. Most of us have always had a sense that we were made for more, but a hero? That might be a bit of a stretch for a lot of us, but it really depends on how you define…

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The 3 Biggest “F” Words Messing With Your Progress

I’m not talking about the F word, so calm down. (although I have written about four letter words before – you can check that out here if you’d like) There are 3 main F words that are messing with your progress.  #1 FINE This may be the most misused F word in our vocabulary and it’s…

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Growing in the right direction

Are you growing in the right direction? We are oh, so good at going! Any one of us can practically be the expert at go. Some of that going may be more than just “busy” and evident in the progress we are making! So yes, we go well. Often in too many different directions.  Finishing…well,…

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