woman covering her face surrounded by messy lines with caption for Deana's blog: Purposeful Living in the midst of midlife

Overcome midlife frustrations for a purposeful life with focus!

Purposeful living. We all crave it and spend a lot of time chasing after it. All with hopes of one day conquering the achievement of a purposeful life. As a fellow middle-aged Beautiful MESSterpiece, I know first hand the frustrations that trip us up on the quest to this common life goal. There are what…

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Working on things vs. Things that are working

We are constantly working! Working on things like our incredibly frustrating at times…FOUR F’S! (in case you’re too busy to click the link – the Four F’s are our Family & Friendships, our Finances, our Faith and finding the thing that Fuels us) Our working to-do lists consist of personal projects, home improvement projects, projects…

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