Determine the space you need to keep your focus

In this 4-part blog series, we’ve been exploring the 3 areas that either steal or keep your focus, your places, spaces, and assignments. Today is part 3 of the series and we’ll be covering…you guessed it 👉 your spaces. More importantly, the kind of space and spaces that are needed to keep your focus. Your focus,…

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place stealing or keeping focus

How to know if your places steal or keep your focus?

You’re a pretty savvy lady if you already know the places that steal or keep your focus. We all have places that keep us productively producing results like a superhero, and well, others that just steal any inkling of focus we can manage to muster up. If you’re still reading, then I bet you’re either…

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Deana in questioning pose about dream GPS

Does your dream have the right GPS?

Having the right GPS is necessary if you ever hope to make progress toward your dreams whether in your faith, life, or business. Everyone has a GPS these days. They’re built into our smartphones and our cars (unless your car is as old as mine – who knew 2012 was “ancient”?) We rarely go anywhere these days…

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Better Life Adventures Are Ahead – Maybe?

Adventure We all say we love a good adventure, but do we really? If we’re truly honest with ourselves, and others for that matter, it would be more accurate to say, we love to choose our own adventure.  As a kid I loved reading those types of books. Remember those? You’d go to your school’s…

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disco squirrel

3 Tips To Finding Focus

When it comes to making serious progress toward our biggest goals, most of us feel like we’ve lost our focus. So how do we get it back? I’ve got 3 quick tips for finding your focus again! But first, let’s assess where we are right now when it comes to our actual focus… On a…

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3 Ways to Defeat Destination Disease

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fair share of destination disease episodes in my life. While most times it’s easy to conceal, I have found that as an entrepreneur, destination disease seems to accelerate itself more than any other area of my life. If this describes you and you can relate, the…

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Two Things You Need for Serious Focus

We live in an age and world of distraction on a daily basis, so what do you need in order to really find your focus? Well, while we could argue and debate over all the things you would need in order to achieve serious focus on your biggest goals, but I believe that there are…

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Key to success?

The “Key” To Achieving?

While there are so many debatable keys to success, literally, I’ve seen 3, 5, 7. 10…but I believe there is something more important than a key we need to grab hold of in order to achieve our goals.  Want to know what it is? Of course you do, but first, let’s look at some of…

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