goal size matters

The Right Goal SIZE Matters

When it comes to your goal getting does the size of it really matter? Wondering if this is some type of trick question while simultaneously wondering how to even check? Is there a size that matters for goals? Many would be quick to say there’s only one size – BIG. We are more than familiar with…

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3 ways to get out of funk

Proven: The Most Effective Way to Get Out of a Funk!

Ever find yourself in a funk? You know, the feeling of just being in a constant cycle of “not feeling it”. It’s never fun, definitely not planned, and for sure, not welcomed. Yet, so many of us find ourselves in this state at some point. I’ve been riding that feeling more often than I’d care…

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make progress not just a plan for your goals

How to make progress, not just plan for it

Plans, strategies, goals, systems and habits. You need them all to make progress in your faith, your life and your business. But how do you move past just the plan for your potential progress and actually make it? In this post we are going to explore the usual go-tos when it comes to goal setting…

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Finding Focus Even When You’re In the Middle of Your Feelings

When You’re in the Middle of Your Feelings We all do it. Allow our feelings to get in the middle when we should be finding our focus. I’m not saying don’t pay attention to your emotions. Just that there are choices we can control despite our feelings. Feelings follow choice. That’s something that I remind…

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Are You Living An Unapologetic Life?

The word, unapologetic, literally just came to mind as I sat with my planner open looking at the thoughts I had written. Both coherent and random words, in the appropriately titled Brain Dump section. Am I living an unapologetic life? My first instinct was to look for the biblical meaning of the word. That may…

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See To Believe Or Believe In Order To See?

Are you of the mind that you need to see something first in order to believe or does your belief allow you to see with clarity? Before you answer, I’d like to share a story with you and some recent personal insights about it, then you can decide what you see…or believe. Recently, I shared…

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