Systems or motivation question on geometric background for deana farrell's blog post

Are systems better than motivation for your business?

Ah, the short answer is neither is better for your business. The long answer when it comes to systems vs. motivation and which to choose, is both. No, I’m not talking in circles, but am going to give you a rounded look at both of these incredible tools when it comes to creating a business…

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Find your purpose or follow your passion?

Raise your hand if you get confused when it comes to the difference between finding your purpose and following your passion. (I see you, and you, and you…) When it comes to the pursuit of happiness so many of us have been given the advice to just…find your purpose or follow your passion. Apparently we…

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Hot Purse-suit!

  For the last several years, sharing an affection for the use and functionality of totes, wallets, pouches & purses is how I get paid. But, it’s not my passion. No, that’s not an April fools joke, so if you are a Thirty-One Sister who thinks I just threw some shade on our company, calm…

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