Keep distraction from stealing focus from your assignment

Keeping focused on your assignment is part 4 of the exploration of the 3 Areas That Steal or Keep Your Focus. By now, I would hope that you’ve followed along and are now able to identify your own places and spaces of focus. In today’s post, you’ll know to keep distraction from stealing your focus…

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place stealing or keeping focus

How to know if your places steal or keep your focus?

You’re a pretty savvy lady if you already know the places that steal or keep your focus. We all have places that keep us productively producing results like a superhero, and well, others that just steal any inkling of focus we can manage to muster up. If you’re still reading, then I bet you’re either…

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3 Places to Visit Before 2019

With 2018 quickly coming to an end there are 3 very important places you should visit before the New Year. I know how busy your life is right now. Tossing the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers, wrapping up cyber week (sick of those emails yet?!) and preparing for the next round of excessive festivities. The…

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