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24 Ways to Approach Goal Getting Differently This Year

Goal getting differently can excite or incite depending on the person. Are you one who is first in line to try something new or freaked out and shaking in your boots? I get it. But being fresh into a brand new year, goal getting is top of mind. So we may as well talk about…

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Devoted Focus: Productivity with Purpose

The sentiment, productivity with purpose sounds a bit redundant. I mean, if you’ve devoted focus to being productive, you’d already know the purpose behind it, right? Productivity and purpose. These are probably among our greatest quests as goal-getters. Yet, they’re also among the most elusive of accomplishments. Sure, we gain a win here and there,…

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God’s Devotion for Defining You Beyond Your Unique Mess!

Devotion, that word can really pack a punch. Depending on what it is that has your devoted attention. Today, we’re going to look at it as the topic and focus for embracing our messy lives. And how all of it is and has always been part of God’s process. This process, His, is all pointing…

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Finding Focus Even When You’re In the Middle of Your Feelings

When You’re in the Middle of Your Feelings We all do it. Allow our feelings to get in the middle when we should be finding our focus. I’m not saying don’t pay attention to your emotions. Just that there are choices we can control despite our feelings. Feelings follow choice. That’s something that I remind…

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What Happens When You Stop Planning?

If you were to google planning, you would get about 3,420,000,000 results. (👈yes, I really did google it) It would seem that it’s a pretty popular topic in need of one’s assistance. What exactly is it that we need so much help with, when it comes to planning? And what do you think would happen…

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Is there JOY in your planning?

Planning and JOY are not typical pairings. Well, unless of course we are starting to plan a bridal/baby shower, birthday/anniversary/graduation party [ insert type of exciting, anticipated celebration here] there’s plenty of joy to go around. Notice I said starting…often times the JOY can wear off in the minutia of details and deadlines! On the…

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‘Tis your season

“‘Tis the season” may drum up thoughts of the little drummer boy for you, but I’m talking about YOUR season. A season can mean so many different things; here are just a few: a time defined by a particular circumstance a natural time or occasion a period of year the time of a major holiday…

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Guilt ridden or purpose driven?

When it comes to high achievers and goal getters, there are two feelings that can drive more people to lose direction or take action than any other….the feelings of guilt or of purpose. Are you guilty of these two drivers? Think about the last time you were determined to do something – WHY? What was the motivation behind that…

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