Systems or motivation question on geometric background for deana farrell's blog post

Are systems better than motivation for your business?

Ah, the short answer is neither is better for your business. The long answer when it comes to systems vs. motivation and which to choose, is both. No, I’m not talking in circles, but am going to give you a rounded look at both of these incredible tools when it comes to creating a business…

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The Influence of Expectancy In your Business, Life & Faith

Business expectancy can sometimes be a bit of an oxymoron. One day we’re expecting the “other shoe to drop,” and the next, flawlessly executed plans. And the reality looks more like bouncing somewhere between the two of those expectations. Today’s post is to get us to explore the influence of expectancy in our business, life…

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Improve Focus with a 30-Day Brain Dump

Seriously, do you know the benefits of a good brain dump? First, to be sure you and I are on the same page, a brain dump is a way of extracting all of the “clutter” rolling around in your head. How exactly is this done? Glad you asked. It’s pretty simple actually, but not always…

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