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Distracting or Driving Partnerships: How Powerful Are yours?

Identifying your distracting or driving partnerships could be the powerful tool you’ve been looking for. Especially when it comes to your productivity and progress. Progress, productivity and purpose are all goals Valued, Amazing Ladies in business like us strive for and often put our focus. But when was the last time you thought about the…

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Propel your faith, life & business through the power of story

Living in a world driven and striving for connection, the power of story can be the catalyst for growth in faith, life, and business. When the symptoms of feeling stuck start showing, our stories are often the soothing balm our souls need in order to push us to take the only prescription that works…growth! Growth…

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Taking Control: Out with the Old, In with the New

This post is about taking control, and specifically recognizing that your old faith isn’t going to be enough to deliver you from new problems. But we’ll get to that. Do you feel the need to control just about everything? I know that I used to be very much of a control freak! Okay, so I…

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Girl, Find Your PowHER!

You just need to know where to look for your powHER! I recently collaborated with some talented professional women in my area and hosted a PowHERful LeadHERship summit. We came together for one night to encourage women that they each are gifted with their own powHER and equipped them with the information on how to…

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What Size Cape Do You Wear?

I would venture to guess that some of you freaked a little when you saw the words – size & wear, more than the word cape. That’s pretty bold of me to say, I know. But I also know that as women, our brains can get to the negative & insecure thoughts faster than we…

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