Ways to simplify goal-getting: The 3-2-1 GO Method

Whether you are a 1-2-3 or a 3-2-1, kind of VAL (that’s you – Valued, Amazing Lady), any goal still begins with GO! And some of us are better at getting off the starting line than others. If you find yourself in more of the others community, today’s topic is going to be really helpful…

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steal or keep part 1

The 3 Areas That Steal or Keep Your Focus

There are 3 main areas that are crucial in making sure that you know the difference between what will steal your focus and what will keep it. Recognizing these 3 areas will be key in determining whether you’re actually productive or just busy. Productivity is a sign you have focus and know how to keep…

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How To Be Sure Your Next Planner Is The Right Fit!

This planner’s too big. This one is too small. That planner has the most beautiful cover, but the inside is a little less than inspiring. This one has too many questions about my life, dreams, goals, and what I had for dinner last night… 👀 Sheesh! Is it just me or is finding the right…

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How To Make Procrastinating Work For You Instead Of Hinder You

What comes to mind when you hear the word procrastinating? Maybe things, like lazy, putting off now what you can do later, or just doing anything to avoid what you should be doing! We’ve all been there. Having something that needs to get done and the next thing you know…you’re: checking your email or social…

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Are You Living An Unapologetic Life?

The word, unapologetic, literally just came to mind as I sat with my planner open looking at the thoughts I had written. Both coherent and random words, in the appropriately titled Brain Dump section. Am I living an unapologetic life? My first instinct was to look for the biblical meaning of the word. That may…

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See To Believe Or Believe In Order To See?

Are you of the mind that you need to see something first in order to believe or does your belief allow you to see with clarity? Before you answer, I’d like to share a story with you and some recent personal insights about it, then you can decide what you see…or believe. Recently, I shared…

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