woman in a field looking at her reflection in a mirror. Blog caption re-defining self-care

Self-Care: Nurturing You in Real Ways Beyond Bubble Baths

Self-care is needed, wanted, and oh, so craved! But what happens when the scented candles, the bubble bath, or the good book as a momentary escape isn’t delivering? The often promised rejuvenation from this type of self-care just isn’t cutting it anymore. And that’s just it–more. As in you are more than a scent, soak,…

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3 Ways to Defeat Destination Disease

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fair share of destination disease episodes in my life. While most times it’s easy to conceal, I have found that as an entrepreneur, destination disease seems to accelerate itself more than any other area of my life. If this describes you and you can relate, the…

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