woman at laptop goal setting

Choosing the right team for goal getting season Part 2

Goal getting season is in full swing! Take a look around and you’ll see a mix between those who are crushing their goals, while others are already feeling crushed by them. Do you have a good handle on which group you’d be found in? No worries! By the end of this post my hope is…

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woman covering face with goal getting book

Choosing the right team for goal getting season

It’s time to choose a team, it’s New Goal Season, baby! The desires and motives have been set for your next great achievement! Reflection and Accomplishment are the names of this season’s top teams and with the flip of the calendar, it is game time.  These teams could become respected adversaries or just the next…

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What Position Do You Play On Game Day?

At some or even many times in our lives there is a “game day”. A day that is just a little more important than our ‘usual day’. We all have a time where we pull it all together for one particular moment, time…a “game day”. As we watch the Olympic Games and find out who…

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