Understanding God’s vision for your life is better than your version

It’s your life so you’d think you’d be the most knowledgable and qualified to know what’s best for it, right? I mean, you’ve gotten you this far. The barometer of your life’s success would probably depend on how it’s going right now. Going well, you’ll feel good about your choices, decisions and directions. However, if…

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A hand giving another hand a heart with the caption How is your mission showing up in the marketplace?

Prioritizing Your Mission In the Marketplace: Souls, Impact & Purpose

Sometimes your mission as a valued, amazing lady in business can really get lost in the shuffle of all those papers and post-it’s on your desk, right? Operating in excellence and being in alignment with your God-given assignment may be your mission. But sometimes the bottom line and deadlines can be a huge distraction and…

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woman covering face with goal getting book

Choosing the right team for goal getting season

It’s time to choose a team, it’s New Goal Season, baby! The desires and motives have been set for your next great achievement! Reflection and Accomplishment are the names of this season’s top teams and with the flip of the calendar, it is game time.  These teams could become respected adversaries or just the next…

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How you show up now will show up in your future

Visualize your highest self. Then start showing up as that person. Have you ever done this? Visualization is a great practice. Think of it as the training wheels for the life you want. If that sounds too boring, try it as your alter ego. Sounds and even feels strange at first, but here’s what will…

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The Captivity of Activity

How busy are you at being busy? Are you a captive of your own activity? Activity can make: the time go by fast. Depending on the type of activity it can even make us feel good even make us proud. Non focused or non prioritized activity can leave us feeling: overwhelmed, frustrated and even captive!…

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How did I let my BUT get so big?!

Seriously, I have had many times that I let my big BUT get out of control! Before you run off thinking, TMI (too much info) let me explain what I mean. I’m not talking about a body part here. I’m talking about those doubts and fears that get in the way of our potential, our…

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