Take Stock Before You Take Flight!

Take stock before you take flight, if you are considering a big change or decision.

This simply implies, be sure to review or fully assess the situation before you decide to quit, move on, or leave your current status.

And this, from someone who would typically make decisions based on feelings…in the moment.  This advice comes from my own taking stock, after a tough learning curve season in my business.

Using this ‘take stock’ approach has enabled me to stop hiding behind excuses that the success of my life and business are just accidental. Instead, success comes if I’m really intentional in my choices and actions. You may have even noticed a ‘theme’ to some of my latest blog posts about being intentional.

Here are some thoughts to ponder and hopefully encourage youTake stock before you take flight
to take stock before you determine if taking flight is going to help or hinder your situation:

  • Expectations
    Are you currently meeting or maintaining expectations where you ARE?
    If you’re not exceeding, then have you really ‘maxed’ your potential results?
  • Effort
    Are you giving 100% of your effort where you ARE?
    Odds are if you are not giving it your all where you are, you probably won’t elsewhere.
  • Opportunity
    Are you using your discontentment as a sign it’s time to quit, move on or leave, instead of stepping up your game?
    Opportunities are everywhere so look for them.
    Don’t ‘move’ until you’ve made sure you’ve made the most of the opportunities you have already been given.
  • Others
    Are you currently mentoring anyone?
    If you’re not giving back and positively impacting the people in your life currently, what makes you think you’ll be prepared to do so in a new environment?
    There is always room to improve and there is someone out there a step ahead of you and you are a step ahead of someone else – so find a mentor and BE a mentor!

Stop hiding behind the excuse that success is accidental and take the action and choices to be intentional.

It’s about who you become, not how you got there or when you ‘arrived’.

You may just discover that you are right where you need to be in your journey to success – especially if you intentionally decide to take stock before you take flight.

Finding new ways to be purposeful and intentional while on my journey to success and passionate about encouraging others to do the same!



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