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Deana instructing a workshop in front of a whiteboard



“Deana is energetic, forward thinking and always willing to help!
She has given me inspiration both personally and professionally"



Law Office of Stephanie Albrecht-Pedrick, Esq.

Deana has the innate ability to truly connect with people and inspire them. She takes great joy in your “Wins” and commiserates with you in your losses (but not for very long). Deana is the cheerleader I never knew I needed, but now I am in a much better place due to her guidance. If you want to move forward either personally or in your business, I highly recommend Deana’s unique training to help you to live your best life.


Quilt Concierge


"Before Deana my days were cluttered and overwhelming to say the least. She helped me to gain a new perspective on what my goals actually were and how to prioritize my days in order to meet them. Her plan and direction is easy to follow and gives you immediate results. She's helped me to unravel the confusion of where I was going and made me focus on the right path. Her planner is so effective and makes goal setting easy and attainable! I'm finally gaining traction in my business and I know what to do next to keep the success ball rolling!"



Deana Farrell is a Valued, Amazing Lady!
This wonderful group empowered me to step out in faith
and feel the encouragement of other women.


VALs in Business Group Member

"This series [Prioritize Focus Bootcamp] is very inspiring...
I am learning so much about how to find balance in my work and personal goals."


Law Office of Julie Davis Lisa

"As new business owners, we were struggling with time management and most of our schedule was haphazard just figuring out things as we went along. Deana was able to help us to find the balance between work and home. She encouraged us to dedicate specific time to our business in order to map out our plan to succeed. We were able to focus and keep making progress rather than put out fires and hope for the best! She is definitely a major reason why our little photography company has grown immensely over the last year! And now we're even more excited for what's to come."

Jamison & Kristy

Maverick Photo Studio


3 Essentials You Can't Ignore in order to get FOCUSED!