The 3 Areas That Steal or Keep Your Focus

steal or keep part 1

There are 3 main areas that are crucial in making sure that you know the difference between what will steal your focus and what will keep it.

Recognizing these 3 areas will be key in determining whether you’re actually productive or just busy.

Productivity is a sign you have focus and know how to keep it.
Busy indicates that there are areas that are stealing your focus.

Think it’s a time management issue? Think again!

When it comes to goal-getting, most would attribute the best way to get there as being able to effectively manage their time 🙄.

If it were that easy, then everybody would be super time management ninjas!

But…we’re not. So that’s why there are about a gazillion different ways to “time manage” out there for us to buy.

Can you tell that I have a bit of a different perspective when it comes to this popular go-to, called time management?

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Right now though, you want to get to those 3 areas that either steal your focus or help you keep it. So let’s get to it!

Those 3 areas are 👉your place, your space, and your assignment. 👈Those areas are where you’ll find yourself intentionally prioritizing or reluctantly rationalizing why you’re found there.

You are the deciding factor when it comes to which area you can be found and why.

Know that you’ll end up in one of these areas either intentionally or passively, the choice is yours.

Let’s look at each of these areas a bit closer. That way you’ll be better equipped to recognize if one or more is the culprit that steals your focus or a catalyst of what keeps it!

Your place

Your place is more than your physical location. It can also be a particular position, circumstance, title, or even role.

It’s important to not allow yourself to get tripped up in the area of your place…in life, career, politically, religiously, and even socially.

To loosely sum up this area, let’s just say it’s the identity you’re either found chasing or the one you’re looking to protect. Just know, neither is “who you are”, just a picture of what you want to be associated with, standing for, and ultimately why it matters – to you.

Your space

Very much like your place, this is more than just a physical location or position from one another. It’s also an expanse that’s free, available, or unoccupied. In other words, think in terms of both people’s space and room space (even in your head).

When it comes to space, there’s only so much to go around – literally and figuratively.

Knowing how you protect or neglect your space can definitely impact your focus.

Do you know when the last time you’ve given serious thought to your spaces? More specifically, are they helping or hindering what it is you’re trying to accomplish?

Your assignment

Now this one may have you scratching your head a bit, your assignment, but stick with me here.

Sure there are the task or piece of work types that are assigned to us, hence, assignment. And even those that we assign to ourselves in order to get “the project” done.

But there is another type of assignment you need to not only be aware of but also more mindful of. This assignment is much bigger than tasks and to-do lists. It’s one that can often have us misrepresenting our place and definitely get us tangled up in our spaces.

This kind of assignment is an area that can either be a heavy responsibility or a great joy depending on how you look at it.

The assignment referred to here is the one that is attributed to someone or something as it relates to belonging.

Now what?

While it’s always up to you to decide what’s next, this is just part 1 of a 4 part series 😉 so stick around kid!

But as with anything, you can always do some prep work while you wait for the next piece needed.

So to that end, might I recommend taking some time to assess the 3 areas that steal or keep your focus?

Then you can decide if it’s your place, your space, or your assignment that’s going to need your Prioritized Focus.

working to make better progress keeping my focus right there with ya,


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