The 3 Biggest “F” Words Messing With Your Progress

I’m not talking about the F word, so calm down. (although I have written about four letter words before – you can check that out here if you’d like)

There are 3 main F words that are messing with your progress. 


This may be the most misused F word in our vocabulary and it’s absolutely messing with your progress!

Knowing that is NOT at all the truth, how often do you offer the answer of, “I’m fine” when someone asks how you are doing? 

If it’s because you don’t trust this person to share your true state or you know they really wouldn’t care anyway, I can understand, but when we use this F word within our circle of safe people…there’s a problem. And that problem is not going to get solved by hiding or ignoring it.


We use this offensive word as our “best” defense (excuse, really) and are just as inept at falsely portraying it as the word FINE. 

This one is a bit under the radar because we don’t necessarily use the word fear as freely we do fine. Instead we use it’s equally destructive counterpart – aFraid.

When asked why we aren’t [fill in the blank], we’ll often respond with something like, “well, I am aFraid of xyz…”. Sound familiar?


This F word is totally messing up your progress and can derail you faster than the other two!

I believe this one hinders our progress the most because it’s the one we allow to dictate what we do or not do. Yet, it’s not our feelings that move us, it’s our choices. We get this one so mixed up. 

So if you are ever to make progress towards your goals here are some replacement F words to help get you there!

Instead put some prioritized focus on these F words so that you can make real progress toward your goals:

  • Your FUTURE is where your headed so only look to your past in order to glean the lessons.
  • Recognize that any FAILURE means that you are trying. You can’t correct what you’re not doing, so keep trying!
  • Have FAITH in the process and that your heart’s desire was put there for a reason.
  • It will take some FORCE in order to move you from where you are to where you want to be. Don’t be stagnate.

FOCUS is an F word too and depending where that focus is directed will directly impact your progress.

Working on making progress toward focusing on the right F words right there with ya,

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