The 3 Shifts You Need To Build Momentum

Is your goal-getting feeling a bit stagnant, stuck, or less than stellar lately? Well, good news, friend! There are 3 shifts you can make in order to build yourself some goal-getting momentum.

Planning, plotting, and pursuing your course is one thing, but I’ve got 3 different “p’s” for you to ponder today. How’s that for some alliteration?! 😂

We want keys, ways, and steps when it comes to our stagnant, stuck, and less than stellar progress. Why? Because it’s so easy in our grab ‘n go culture to take someone else’s cheat sheet and want to use it as a replacement for the work we needed to do.

Girl, we love our printables, but aren’t interested in the investment behind them. Nor the invitation they represent to go deeper with the person who was willing to share it with us.

Yep, I’m going there. When you can make the shift from shortcuts to sharpening, entertainment to education, you see a different you. (listen, I’m all for some edutainment – it’s a good way to productively procrastinate in my opinion)

So many want changes but aren’t willing to do what it takes to see those changes. Yes, take the time to envision your future. But make sure that it’s the one that you’re meant for and it is aligned with the message you were entrusted with and it attracts the people meant to hear it.

You become what you think and do. So whatcha been thinking about and doing? Too many have just been thinking about doing “stuff”.

It’s time to literally shift the responsibility of your progress back where it belongs – to you.

Make these 3 shifts and I think you’ll be seeing a difference in what you set your sights on, and why.

Embracing the work to become one who handles those goals is worth the shifts you’ll need to make.

The first move you’ll need to make in order to increase your momentum potential, is a shift in perspective.

What you think, you act upon. And what you take action on will be evident in your results.

Perspective shift questions to ask yourself:

  • When it comes to my future, the goals it will take to get me there – who’s point of view am I basing those decisions on?
  • Is that point of view a foundational truth that I want to set my mind to?
  • Will that mindset prevent me from or propel me toward my goal?

This next shift has a lot of different names, but its true identity can’t be hidden.

Penchant, persuasion, predisposition, proclivity, proneness…however you prefer to identify with HABIT, it’s the next shift you need to make.

Habits position you closer or further from your goal and the momentum needed to achieve them.

No matter which way you slice it, your propensity for prioritized focus is going to be the catalyst for what you accomplish.

Positioning questions to ask yourself:

  • Where has my focus been lately?
  • Have I been distracted by my feelings?
  • Are my habits reflective of where I say I want to be, do, and go?

See how all the cheat sheets and printables on the internet aren’t going to substitute the depth of work you need to do? Speaking of depth…

Paying attention to your partnerships is the last shift, and by far not the least important, when it comes to building momentum in your faith, life, and business.

The sooner you look at partnerships as a verb and not a product you’re trying to gain or obtain, you’re already building something that will go far.

Partnership questions to ask yourself:

  • When it comes to my relationships am I putting in the work for them to thrive?
  • Do I seek partnerships that serve me, or as a mutual collaboration that benefits us both?
  • Who would seek to be partnered with me?

There you have it! The 3 shifts you need to build momentum, are perspective, positioning, and partnerships. Build them into your days, weeks, and beyond and you’ll have more than a bright future, you’ll be creating a legacy.

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Stop making your progress harder than it needs to be. Simplifying the process of your goal-getting actually amplifies your results. So slow the scroll, and quicken your resolve to do the work!

building these 3 shifts into my day-to-day right there with ya,



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