The “D-Word”

The D-Word. It’s a word we all know. Most of us are even familiar with it’s concept, but few of us are very good at it.

How do I know?

Just look at the level of our frustrations because our expectations aren’t met.

Look at how exhausted we are because our time runs out before our to-do list!

Somewhere along the line we were challenged to be experts, perfectionists and accomplish fetes only fictional superheroes achieve with the magic of editing, stunt doubles and green screens!

Instead of embracing our own cape – abilities we buy-in to the ‘I can do it all or die trying’ mentality. (oh, and we can be determined to look so good trying, that no one knows the true state of our relationships, homes and finances – fake it til you make it right?)

Are you thinking what’s this “D-Word” already?!

Well, I’m not talking about divorce, despair or disappointment…if that’s what you were thinking, but they sure could become a result if you do not learn how to properly delegate.

Delegate is the “D-Word” that I’m referring to and is defined as to entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person, typically one who is less senior than oneself and it’s synonyms are: assign, trust, pass on and transfer.

As women we are so good at assigning, entrusting, passing on and transferring all of the ‘stuff’ from our plate to others because we know the benefit it holds for us and to those around us right? I say that sarcastically, but sometimes we can be all too good at some of these things – like ‘barking out assignments’, dumping (I mean transferring) our ‘stuff’ onto others at the most ‘opportune’ times – we can hand out ‘delegation’ like it’s free candy!

But when we really need to delegate or should delegate something to someone else our trust can be about as deep as a kiddie pool!

What if instead of using the ‘art of delegation’ as a nemesis superpower or something to be feared like a weakness exposed, we look at it as one of our amazing ‘life tools’?

As with any tool, when taught how to use it properly, it can make a job easier because of it’s effectiveness!

Now what if that tool could be used on jobs we don’t want to do, but the job needs to be done? Would you use it?

Before you get all ‘impressed’ with my ‘expertise’ in this area, let me first make you feel better by sharing with you how very much I STRUGGLE at this ‘delegating’ tool/concept.

However, by making the CHOICE to grow, learn and improve in all areas of my life whether it’s a fun or not so fun season, delegation has now made it’s way into my ‘tool-kit’. Don’t get me wrong, I can easily (ok, maybe not always easily) delegate when it comes to my family, but when it comes to my business and my peers…different story.

For me, delegating can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster because it could mean exposing a ‘weakness’ or could (gulp) cost money. But the reality often is that by trying to save a dime or DIYing it all, I’m losing precious, priceless time with those that really matter or opportunities that can really be game changers. So I’ve really learned to weigh the value vs. the cost.

So here’s what the “D-Word” currently looks like at my house:

My all around handsome handymen.

  • husband and I are still the CEO of finances and good cop/bad cop (my nickname is the warden so no guessing which role I get)

  • my 16 year old daughter is now the chief housekeeper (I can’t help but smile when I’m being reprimanded for not putting something away)

  • my tween daughter is not only the fashionista in the family she is also the cook and grocery list maker (with awareness of sales & coupons)

  • my 7 year old son is embracing his role as the ‘trash-man’ and assistant landscaper and maintenance to my handsome-man, (ah-em, I mean, handy man husband)

The biggest “D-Word” changes have come with the choice to move closer to my business goals. So I’ve connected with some really awesome mom-prenuers like me, but their capes are my weakness.

Just in the last six weeks I’ve seen amazing growth and I believe that success is because I now have:

  • a coach who has truly become a mentor and has given me the encouragement and tools (like delegating) I really needed to push me to achieve what I’m setting out to do
  • a professional to train me on the tech side of things with this site. (Heather you are a generous genius!)
  • a financial planner who has truly helped me plan for the financial freedom I’m working towards

Who do you know that rocks a cape you don’t wear?

Seriously consider the value vs. the cost. If it’s not in the budget, can you do a cape for cape exchange? (she cleans your house, you watch her kids, fix her computer, etc.)

Who can you empower by giving a little more responsibility around the house?

(hint: kids!)  I’m challenging YOU today – make a list of what you can delegate.

You can’t delegate relationships, you can’t delegate your faith, you can’t delegate your talent & skills, your health, fitness…get the picture? But you sure can delegate the things that will free you up to focus on only what YOU can do to move you closer to your goals!

Enjoying my new found delegation & encourage you to embrace yours,

Now I'm asking what's for dinner and scolded for not cleaning up! I'll take it!

Now I’m asking what’s for dinner and scolded for not cleaning up! I’ll take it!






  1. Joei XOXO on April 26, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    We are always on the same page ! In order to focus on IPA’s for my business I need to free up some of my time I spend in other places especially around the house. I just had this conversation with my kids. Now I need to have it with my husband !!!! XOXO

    • Deana Farrell on April 26, 2016 at 8:23 pm

      It’s a tough thing to do – ‘let go’, but it’s worth it. I started going to the gym at 6am so I could have more Income Producing Activity time! When you look at it as small trades for the bigger goal, it gets easier 🙂

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